Monday, July 20, 2009

Need a Jillian Fix?

It seems like everybody around me has been getting crappy news lately. One friend from high school's husband died in a work-related accident. He was 39 and they have two grade school aged kids. A co-worker's husband was in a motorcycle accident where he crashed head on into a mini-van. He is fine after a bunch of stitches, but still it has scared the crap out of me (and turned into a lecture to Jeramy about riding safely, helmets, etc.) I also found out that another friend dealing with infertility found out that the surgery she needs to remove scar tissue from her appendix removal years ago will cost 15K. And that won't even solve her problems...they still think she'll need IVF in addition to that. She's the sweetest gal on the planet and would be the best mom ever. If babies could pick their parents the world would certainly be a different place.

Anyhow, before I get you all too down, I'll share some Jillian pics. Looking at them makes me smile at least.
Modeling one of her new headbands. Can I just say that I love etsy? I got this and a couple more from Banner Boutique.

Okay so one of Cujo snuck in here. When Jeramy took our waterbed down I was sleeping on an air mattress inside the baby pasture in our living room. During the day, Cujo enjoyed it too.

Hanging with Kaycie.

One of Jillian's favorite activities is pulling herself up on our legs. It is crazy cute (although the view of my thighs in not quite as cute). Her eye is watering in this pic because sunscreen got in her eye.

Okay. Maybe she looks like me a little.


Sunny said...

Yes, I did need a Jillian Fix, how did you know?

I love the one of her pulling herself up your legs. Adorable!

If you figure out how NOT to get sunscreen in her eye, let me know. It's a daily battle over here.

And dude, she's your Mini Me. :)

Jen said...

Yesterday my friend Darby put it on her without getting it in her eyes. It helped that Jillian sat still for her. But what really, really helped was that Darby wiped her hands with baby wipes so she wouldn't rub her eyes.

Nicky said...

Have you tried the sunscreen sticks? Much easier for putting sunscreen on baby's face. It's basically like a deodorant stick, but with sunscreen. Neutrogena makes a baby-friendly one.

Love the pix!

Jennifer said...

Julian loves pulling himself up on our legs too, well my legs in particular! I just LOVE that photo of her standing against your legs...such a perfect photo for a frame!

Kelly said...

She is SO cute! I still love the baby pasture! That just cracks me up:)

Sorry to hear about all the bad news last week! May this week be much better.

Birdee said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your friends, that is horrible about your friends husband. All of it is so sad.
Thanks for the Jillian fix, she makes me smile too.
I buy that sunscreen that is supposed to be "no tears", I wonder if that works, we wouldnt know because we still dont put it in our eyes, but with a baby, I have wondered how true a statement it is on the bottle.

JamieD said...

Cujo is about as cute as Jillian!

I can't believe how long her hair is getting.

Barb said...

A "little" huh? haha