Thursday, July 16, 2009

Still Alive...Barely

Sorry for the week long hiatus. I'm full of excuses though. After finally pulling through that lovely cold and cough, I woke up Monday morning to horrible nausea. I attempted to shower only to find the effort of applying shower gel utterly exhausting. I got out. Walked to the kitchen and threw up in the sink. And lest you think I'm pregnant, I assure you that I am not. Because guess what, both ends of the body were impacted by this one. I spent the better part of Monday puking, shitting and sleeping. Yes, you're welcome for the TMI on that one. Tuesday was spent trying to eat solids and feel like a normal person again. By Wednesday I was back at work and completely overwhelmed by trying to fit the first three days of the week into one. Now I'm watching Jillian and her friend Kaycie and listening as that annoying guy on Blue's Clues explain how purple and red combine to make violet. And here I was thinking that purple and violet were the same thing.

Seriously folks this whole being sick constantly is getting downright silly. I know there is a baby in my household but since when did I develop the immunity of an infant? Can't I resist any of her germs? And for the record I'm not even sure if Jillian even had this particular bug. Sure she covered me in puke at a birthday party Saturday night forcing me to wear a friend's sweatpants with my rather cute red flats. But she's the sort of baby who will throw up several ounces seemingly for kicks and giggles. She never had diarrhea. Oh well. You should have seen the look of horror on my friends' faces as Jillian covered me in vomit. Finally proof positive that she is the pukiest baby out there.

Jeramy finished the master bedroom today. As in I can actually go sleep in there tonight. Now he just needs to finish the hallway and Jillian's new room. I only wish that it was done on Monday so that I could have enjoyed it while I felt like I was on my deathbed. Instead, I got to sleep on an air mattress since Jeramy had taken the waterbed down to paint and move it. (Yes folks, the 80's lives on in my house).

The kids rooms in this house are tiny so the rocker doesn't fit in Jillian's room. However there's plenty of room in here. I love the new carpet. I spent way more than I should have, but it is so plush. Almost as sweet as my late great grandmother's pristine pea green shag.

The entrance. Jeramy is so awesome that he built a little alcove for the TV equipment and then ran high-def wiring through the walls to the TV.

More closet space. I get the walk-in closet by the entrance that connects to the bathroom. It looks empty without my husband's clothes there as I have hardly anything compared with him. The closet on the right is dedicated to motorcycle gear. Really. And Cujo is quite happy that we finally have a carpeted room upstairs. This whole hardwood floors thing has been getting him down.

Electric fireplace. To heat the room and for romance.

I swear this room is bigger than our first apartment. Definitely nicer. We might just never leave.


Sunny said...




Way to go Jeramy, I am super duper impressed. And very jealous. Although I must say our master is pretty nice and spacious as well. And also: blue.

But still, those are some mad skillz.

Sorry about the sickies! Yucky yucky! We all have colds over here, but nothing like that... :/

Jennifer said...

Glad you're feeling better...sounds like you had a shitty (pun intended) start to your week!

That room is ENORMOUS - the size of an apt for sure! Love the waterbed...I had one in high school, but it's long gone now...I do miss it sometimes though!

Jeramy did an amazing job on the's incredible...and I'm sure you'll both love it now that you can use it! CONGRATS!!!

jenn said...

Bedroom looks awesome! It is enormous! You really realize that with a little bit of furniture in it!
Sorry you are having such a shitty (yes- I couldn't resist either!) time of it this week- hope you feel better really soon!

Kelly said...

I'm so glad that you are feeling better!

Your room looks FABULOUS!! It's huge:) You might not be pregnant now but with a love shack like that it won't be long!!!!!

magena said...

Jen, be grateful your new room wasn't ready when you were sick.
What if you had puked on that pretty new carpet?

Nicky said...

Gorgeous room! I'm particularly jealous of the fireplace. I've always wanted a fireplace in the master bedroom.

Barb said...

Sorry about the sick. :((

Your house looks GORGEOUS!

JamieD said...

Yuck! The sickie bugs are rampant in your house!

Your bedroom looks INCREDIBLE. Seriously. I love the colors and nice plush carpet gets me every time.