Sunday, March 1, 2009

Where do I even begin?

My life is so busy right now that there is so much that I could blog about but no time to actually write-up a coherent post. So in lieu of that you get bullet points and pictures.
  • I've been having tummy issues. About an hour after I eat I get horribly sick to my stomach. I'm nauseated but I don't vomit. This has happened about six times in the past two weeks. After the first few episodes I saw my doctor who dismissed it as re-starting birth control pills. However it happened a couple more times only it was worse and I hadn't been on the active pills for nearly a week. On Friday night it was bad enough that I had Jeramy take me to the ER. We waited for nearly 4 hours to get in, and then spent another few hours there. The doc there thought it was probably my gallbladder but nothing showed up on the ultrasound. He sent me home with painkillers and told me to see my doctor again. I hope we get this figured out soon, because debilitating stomach pain sucks.
  • We were going to wait a little while longer before feeding Jillian solid foods, but she was so interested in Jeramy's potato chips the other night we decided to give it a try. She got the hang of it right away, and so we'll start feeding her a little rice cereal every evening just before bath time.
  • Jeramy saw a mini-cow and mini-bull on CraigsList. He jokingly told me that he contemplated buying them and a mini-horse to start a mini-farm.
  • The inspection on the house must have went well. They only asked us to screw down the skylights, which the roofers forgot to do. I guess there were a few other small things, but they aren't asking us to fix those because they know we have a good back-up offer.
  • The house is still a complete disaster. Insulating and drywalling the garage has consumed Jeramy's time, and that is a priority so that he can get everything in the garage as opposed to in the driveway.
  • Jillian rolled from front to back at my mother-in-law's house, but she refuses to give a repeat performance. She is pretty close to rolling over from back to front. She gets all the way up on her side, but can't quite get over her shoulder.
  • She can also now sit up on her own without support.
  • I need to dig out the 6-9 month clothes soon. She is getting so big way to fast.
  • We got a new cell phone contract and new phones since we couldn't get service at the new house. I got a Blackberry Curve. I've never cared anything about having a cell phone before, but this is seriously the most awesome thing ever.
  • I woke up to snow on Thursday. Scratch that. I woke up, took a shower, and when Jeramy turned on the TV they were discussing snow. I looked outside and sure enough, snow. Since we live on the never ending driveway, I waited for it to melt before going into work in the afternoon.
  • Jillian and I are both at odds with teeth. I suspect Jillian may be teething although the signs tend to come and go. She has been rather fussy and at times the only thing that comforts her is chewing on my finger. I had a lovely visit with the dentist where they told me I needed a deep cleaning and a couple of cavities filled. As a bonus if these cavities are bad enough, I may get inlays instead. Yay. At least I no longer have to worry about not using my flexible spending account money this year.

Her first few bites of solid food.

Our first snow at the new house

Helping out with laundry.


Curt said...

The snow surprised me, too. Despite the appearance, the roads were actually fairly clear, both from snow and traffic-wise. I was able to make it from my house to the UW at 7:30 in the morning in 50 minutes.

But then again, snow tends to be more severe where you guys live. Hope your stomach, daughter, and everything else goes well.

CJ said...

My response, in bullet points (but no pictures):

-- Bummer about the tummy issues, that sounds just awful. I'm sure you've been googling gallbladder info. I hope your own doc has something more concrete to help you.

-- So you gave Jillian potato chips as her first food? LOL I think that you meant you gave her rice cereal, but if it really was a potato chip, that totally rocks.

-- Ha ha ha at the mini-farm. That reminds me of the bitty ass that I petted at my friend's friend's mom's farm in Colorado. Good times.

-- Wow, you guys got a bit more snow than we did.

-- Bean and I are both at odds with teeth, too, now that you mention it. Grrrr for tooth pain.

-- Oh, and if it helps Jeramy feel more comfortable about Bean's birthday party, there is another dad coming who has a couple of things in common with him. This dad has been at our co-op preschool with his son for the past month or two during his lay-off from the construction industry. He is the only parent in class with a giant spider tattoo on his neck. Seriously awesome guy.

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

She is such a cutie! I hope your tummy issues get resolved soon!!! ((HUGS))

Kelly said...

I hope the doc figures out your tummy issues. With all that you have to do, that's the last thing you need. Well that and the cavities!
Yay for Jillian and cereal...looks like she's pretty into it:)

jenn said...

She is so adorable! I actually remember playing in laundry baskets- they make the greatest toys!

Sorry about the tummy issues. until I got pregnant I was convinced I had IBS- no fun about an hour after I ate too. Not so much pain as cramps & ickiness... It unfortunately seems to be creeping back towards that route as I get later & later in pregnancy. Ironically- before it was worst when I ate the healthiest. Salads were pretty deadly. Go figure.

Anyhoo- not that you needed to know all that, but stinks for your tummy & teeth. But a mini-farm sounds amazing! You could have side jobs as a mini-petting zoo! Jillian would be the coolest kid in school!

JamieD said...

Ugh - I hope you get the tummy/gallbladder issues figured out soon!

Jillian is such a cutie!!

Nicky said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. I'm looking forward to starting LL on solid foods, and he's definitely interested, but we're going to wait a few more weeks. He's such a little peanut, I want to get his weight up a bit more first. Congrats on Jillian sitting, too!

nancy said...

I'm going to respond like CJ - what a good idea.

- As you know, I'm getting my gallbladder tested tomorrow and my doctor wants it out. I have had one major "attack" and 2 minor ones. I felt nauseated with that major attack, but nothing else. I also had incredible shoulder pain with the attack and referred lower shoulder pain/burning pretty much all the time - which apparently is all textbook with gallbladder. As I research, I see feeling sick after you eat - especially if it's fatty meals. Do you know what kind of meals you ate that made you sick? If they were fatty, I would definitely think it's gallbladder. But why the pain meds? Does your stomach ~hurt~ too? Or is it that higher up right sided pain?

- I remember being so excited to give solid foods w/ Ella. The I realized what a fucking pain in the ass it is to feed 3 meals of solids a day. I held off til 6 months with Allison and I am going to try again with Karl. Of course I'll let my babies really make the decision for me (if he seems to need solids earlier) but until then, I'm sticking to the boob. (~NOT~ being negative about your decsion - I think it's fine to give solids anytime after 4 months.)

- I laughed at the mini farm.

- Way to ROLL Jillian! Show mommy now! And a sitter. Wow.

- I'm jealous of your crackberry.

- Bummer on the teeth. :~(

Adorable pictures!

Jennifer said...

adorable pics...i especially love the laundry helper...gonna have to try that with ashlyn, especially since i'm having a heck of a time getting to putting her laundry away these days.

so sorry about the tummy issues...hope that clears up soon cuz i'm sure that is no fun at all!

i hear ya on the needing to pull out the bigger clothes issue and also the teething...ash is going thru both currently.