Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pictures and the Flu

Since Jillian is almost 6 months and it is almost Easter, I decided it was high time to have professional pictures taken again. Check them out here. The user name is emages and the password is guest.

Unfortunately illness seems to have struck our home again. Jeramy thought he was getting a cold because of a scratchy throat on Friday. However now that he is achey and running a fever of 102, I think it is the flu. I'm worried that Jillian is next. She has been sleeping a lot today, and I took her temperature this evening and it was 99.2. I'll keep an eye on her, because she doesn't stand much of a chance with Jeramy sick. I got a flu shot, so I'm hoping its protective powers work because God knows we don't need all three of us sick.


K @ ourboxofrain said...

So, I saw the first pictures of Jillian and thought what could be cuter? Then, there was Jillian with a bunny in a basket, and certainly nothing could be cuter than that. And then she was petting the bunny, and it was all over. :)

I hope the ick that has been plaguing everyone near us (including all of us) passes over the rest of your house and that Jeramy recovers soon.

Sunny said...

OMG those pictures are sooooo cute!! What a sweet little pumpkin. I don't know how you'll choose! :D

Oh no... I really hope you and Jillian don't get sick. Not a good time.

Birdee said...

Those pictures are so adorable.
SHE is so adorable.
It's hard to pick a fave, because she's so precious in all of them. But I loved 5594 with the eggs, 5611 - I can hear her giggling.
The Bunny pictures (oh my heart),
And that last one - she looks so angelic and like she was sweetly talking in jibber jabber.

I love how your always posting pics BTW. I always look forward to a new post from you.

I hope Jillian doesnt get sick and J gets feeling better soon.

RBandRC said...

UGH! Hoping that Jillian avoids the flu and that everyone gets better soon! ((HUGS))

jenn said...

I'm sorry the flu is making a run on your house! I hope she doesn't get sick & that you avoid it too!

She is just too adorable! I love her different expressions- is it strange that I love the about to cry ones as much as the adorable smily ones? You can tell she is a daddy's girl already in the pictures of the three of you. (you all look fantastic though!)

BigP's Heather said...

They are all cute. I was trying to figure out which one was my favorite but each one was so cute. The flowers, the bunny, the eggs, the family ones - and of course naked baby ones!! Love them all!

Jamie said...

What great pcitures! She has such an expressive face. And she's going to have great eyebrows when she gets older!!

Kelly said...

How can you possibly pick just a couple of pictures out of all of those? I think I would need one of each!! So cute! I love Jillian and the bunny & Jillian eating the flower!

Hope the flu is NOT attacking your family! Ick!!

Amanda said...

She is so beautiful! I'm not sure if she could be any more photogenic. :-)

I hope you and Jillian stay well and that Jeramy gets well very soon.

Jaime said...

Super cute!!! Can I get one of those pics? I need a Jilly Bean pic for my house :)

Y'all look like you have such dark hair!

George said...


We got Julian's 6 mo photos done yesterday at Target Photo Studio, but they don't have them online for us...only paper proofs...damn.
They didn't turn out great though...they rushed us. I wasn't thrilled. Will go somewhere else next time.

I hope you all don't get sick...fingers crossed...poor Jeremy...hope he's better soon! Flu is the WORST.

KandiB said...

Those are SUPER cute! I can't believe they took shots with a Real Live Bunny! That rabbit is almost as big as Jillian!

I hope you guys get healthy super soon.

Arielle Faliece said...

Oh my gosh, those pictures are gorgeous!! She is so photogenic!! What a cute family!