Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm Kind of Ghetto

I'm in a sharing mood today. So I'll share with you a dirty little secret that I've failed to mention before. You see, I'm kind of ghetto.

This really isn't that surprising if you know where I grew up. By the airport. I don't know if there has ever been a really nice suburb by an airport. There is just something about plane noise and jet fuel that does not mesh well with upscale living.

My high school was not exactly known for its stellar academics. In fact, I read in wikipedia that it is known as "the ghetto school" in our district. Jeramy graduated one year early with a respectable grade point average, and yet he rarely completed a homework assignment at home. (However he can give you some good tips on how to ace a vocabulary test that involves a clear pen, very small fonts and great eyesight.) I got an A in calculus without learning what a derivative was. Athletics were also lacking, and we were best known for holding the still unbroken record for the most consecutive losses in football at 46 games from 1988 to 1993. Our most famous graduate is Gary Ridgeway. He is better known as the Green River Killer infamous for killing at least 48 women who were mostly prostitutes working along the nearby highway.

With such beginnings is it really any wonder that I'm so ghetto? Just in case I haven't been fully forthcoming in the past, let me point out clear examples of my trashiness:

1. I drink wine from a box. And I like it.

2. We own more trailers than operable vehicles.

3. Our first baby purchase was a gun safe (because we're safety concious like that)

4. I have worn slippers to go grocery shopping. Multiple times.

5. I much prefer a cheap chain restaurant to those fancy places that serve food I've never heard of in amazing small portions at obscene prices.

6. There are occasions when we deem it acceptable to drink beer before noon. Like when fishing. Or camping.

All right. So I've shared my dirty little secret. So what's yours?


Kelly said...

That is too funny! I too have deemed it appropriate to drink beer before noon on occasion. Epsecially if it's a Friday or Saturday!!

CJ said...

LOL - too funny. I totally agree about cheap restaurants. It doesn't get much better than the teriyaki place down the street, DH and Bean and I all eat for under $15.

I have revealed most of my dirty little secrets on my blog... I would have to say it's my obsession with paranormal romance novels. I am counting down the minutes until I can curl up in bed with the latest one, about a werewolf and witch who are about to have a steamy affair. WOO HOO!

Jennifer said...

You crack my shit up, but hey by the way Todd was on that football team during those years with that stellar record...LOL.

Scarlet O'Kara said...

Does staying in my PJs all day count?

Curt said...

Heh, I used to think the neighborhood we grew up in was pretty ghetto, but then I started delivering pizzas and saw what the ghetto was REALLY like. Cars revving up and blasting music in apartment parking lots at 1 am on weeknights. People using their apartments as a place to store garbage, thus spending most of their time outside. People passed out on the floors in the halls of apartment complexes.

At least we lived in the nicer part of the neighborhood.

magena said...

Jen! OMG You crack me up!!
It's all true!
My ma loves wine from a box and my father drinks beer before noon weekly!!
Slippers to the grocery store? now can you tell they are slippers, or do they look more like clogs/shoes? That's ok, I totally understand ;)

Heather said...

I love you.

That list is GREAT!

Jen said...

Jenny - Todd's a big guy too. You would have thought that the team would have done better with him on it!

Gana - Well the slippers I wore last time were kind of clog like. But I'm not picky. I'll wear anything to the grocery store that doesn't require tying shoelaces and somehow slippers seem more appropriate than ballet flats when you're too lazy to take your socks off.

Jeramy said...

I wouldn't call my self ghetto for owning 4 different trailers, I prefer "redneck." Also, if you count my three street bikes, the car, truck, boat, and quads- there are more running vehicles than trailers.

KandiB said...

I myself can relate...coming from a pretty "trashy" part of the burbs with nothing more than a casino and a supermall to herald. If we could afford a trailer, we'd have one in a second AND boxed wine stays "good" way longer than the bottled stuff.

Old Mom New Baby said...

I think I realize I'm a hybrid of both up scale and trashy.
I sometimes tank God that I'm with a red neck who can’t wait to take a picture of our baby in the urinal in the garage for his phone screen saver. Because I can relax and be totally uncouth around him.
He drinks beer before noon...umm... whenever he's not working. He even pours it over his cheerios. He drinks Natural Light and not Bud or other name brand beers.
Last night he made a lunch of steak – potato – peas – (Yummy so far) sour cream- cheddar cheese- beer – maple syrup – cereal and cream soda – all mixed together in a bowl. Oh and lets not forget the horse radish.
When I drank, I’d buy wine in a box for drinking – but display nice (full) wine bottles in my wine rack (still do and I don’t drink anymore) I love the high end restaurants – white table cloth steak houses – appearance is everything to me.
DF? He just loves his steak and potatoes at our local Dive (I’ve posted pictures before).
We may live on the East Bench side of town (considered a snob neighborhood) but we are well liked by everyone in our neighbor hood and all over the valley because of our hair down relaxed attitudes.
Our home is big and beautiful, our view is natural landscaping with pine trees, aspins, and water falls close by. And sometimes I look at it and think "Why are we here, how did I get here" because I'd be so happy (too) with a little 1920 home down on main street. A real fixer upper that would float my boat.
There is something about both lives that fulfill me.

Maria said...

Haha, this is great. I think we're all a bit ghetto. I grew up in a neighborhood outside of Detroit. I know ghetto.

Thanks so much for checking in with me. I can't believe how big Jillian is!! She's absolutely gorgeous!

jenn said...

There is a box o wine in my fridge right now. ;o)

But the slippers thing- if they are clog like or could pass for shoes (ie- they have a sole) I may be able to let it slide. Anything fuzzy and I can not even deal with it! Of course- going to the grocery store I see flannel cartoon pj's & pink fuzzy sdlippers on many a customer in there- so at least you wouldn't be alone out here!

Nicky said...

Your high school is in wikipedia? Is it okay if I found THAT to be the most shocking thing you revealed? :)

Besides, truly ghetto people wouldn't have bothered with the gun safe....

JamieD said...

That is the best list ever! You are too funny.

The town I used to live in was pretty ghetto. The local grocery store was called GFF (not sure what it stood for) but I liked to call it GFF White Trash Foods. I could to in my PJ and slippers and still be one of the better dressed people there. I actually saw someone smoking inside the store once.

Ahhh . . . memories. I miss GFF.

KatieM said...

We must have different ideas of the ghetto...I say you are more redneckish ;-)

Jeramy said...

Just incase anyone is confused, these are not trailers that you would live in. One is a car trailer, one a boat trailer, a atv trailer, and a small trailer for a single motorcycle.