Friday, January 30, 2009

Two Days into Moving Hell

The good news is that the furnace guy came this morning and we have heat. The bad news is that the water heater is broken. We've been replacing it tonight, and if I hear Jeramy tell me it's a water heater not a hot water heater (because why would you heat it if it's already hot) I'm going to hurt somebody. The funny news is that we came home from our latest trip to Home Depot to find a bat flying around the living room. After a few minutes of ducking and screaming and laughing and barking (from Cujo that is) and opening doors we managed to coax the winged rat to fly back outside.


Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

Yikes! Hang in there!!! :)

Jennifer said...'ve had quite an interesting moving experience so far! I hope it only gets better for you guys and you get settled in nicely!

We found a bat in my in-law's attic...those are some creapy little critters, aren't they?

Good luck with the "hot" water heater! ; )

jenn said...

ugh- moving really sucks!

(good luck with the 'water' heater... sorry for the repetitive puns!)

Bats are nothing- growing up we lived in the country in a house my parents did not keep up with at all. You were faced with not only bats in the attic, but birds, squirrels & the occassional raccoon. The critters that ventured downstairs were field mice & every summer an influx of ants that wouldn't go away. So please make sure your attic is nice & sealed from them! good luck!

Kelly said...

EEK, I think I called our water heater a ~hot water heater~. Oops! I can see where that is a no no. Yikes on the bat! Is that at the new house or old house? Also did you find the deed? Was it in Ohio?

JamieD said...

Yikes! Talk about adventures in moving!!

CJ said...

As my mom would say -- as I resist the urge to punch her -- "YOU ARE MAKING MEMORIES!"

(I know, gag.)

KandiB said...

Bats?!! HOly cow.In Seattle? Crazy.
I'm getting freaked out just thinking about it! SOunds like you handled it well, though. Congrats again on your new home!

Jaime said...

Haha. Sorry Jen!! Sounds like a scene from "The Great Outdoors"!