Tuesday, February 3, 2009


After a 5 day "weekend" spent immersed in the manual labor of moving to a new house and getting the old house ready for market, I went back to work today. It felt like a vacation compared to the last few days, and I am exhausted. I told Jeramy last night that the only time I have felt more tired than this was the week Jillian was born. Most of my focus has been on the old house: painting, cleaning and coordinating various contractors. This week the roof is being installed, my friend is painting the final bedroom, carpets are being cleaned, and another friend and I are going to do a deep clean of the whole house. There is still a lot of yard work to be done, but I think it is feasible to have it listed by mid-month. Thank God we have such wonderful friends. As tired as I am, it would be so much worse if it weren't for their help. I just hate how this is all a big game of hurry up and wait. We are doing so much work so very quickly to get the house on the market, and then it will probably sit and sit and sit. I can't watch the news anymore as it just heightens my fears of how long the house will sit even with many amenities, a roof under warranty, and priced slightly below market.

The new place is still full of boxes and given the focus on the old house will remain so for a couple more weeks. I am completely uncomfortable. I have no bed to sleep on as we have a waterbed and it hasn't been set-up yet. Jillian can't sleep in her room yet either as there is a broken window in there. So she and I sleep in the living room in the swing and recliner respectively. Jeramy and the dog have taken up residence on an air mattress in the rather drafty basement. We have no dishwasher, washer, dryer or microwave. Our satellite TV won't be installed until the 14th (again, I hate you Direct TV) so we are using *gasp* an antenna. Just finding clothes to wear each day is seemingly impossible as my entire wardrobe is lying in a heap on the floor of the bedroom closet.

Ugh. I know this is all temporary and a few months from now all will be comfortable and cozy again.


jenn said...

sorry about the struggle & not being settled yet! It will get better! Once you have a bed everything seems much easier to handle.

I hope the house sells quickly- I will keep everything I have crossed for you!

Kelly said...

OMG...that sounds like it sucks! Hopefully just a few more days in the recliner and then you'll have a bed.

s.e. said...

You are amazing and know that I think of you as Superwoman.

This too shall pass. You will soon be without bats, have a soft bed to sleep on, and be able to make your new house feel like home.

CJ said...

My continued sympathies. Moving totally sucks, there's no two ways about it. Your arrangement sounds particularly difficult, not having a bed to share with J! When do you think you'll be reasonably functional in the new place? Focus on that date!

To find the positive, at least the digital conversion hasn't happened yet. Then you'd be SOL with the antenna. Hooray for the antenna!