Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Poopy Day

Forgive the G rated name. I try to keep my language clean on the blog unlike real life.

After her mid-day bottle yesterday, Jillian began grunting. So I set her down in the bouncy seat, figuring that she could do her business while I got a few things done. I returned to find this...

And just in case the above photo failed to convey the damage, here are a couple I took by the washing machine.


Back (yes, this came out both sides):

Not only did I grab my camera to capture this momentous occasion, but I took a picture of the worst of it (inside the diaper) and sent it to Jeramy. I needed evidence to prove that he does not get the worst of the poopy diapers. I'm sure this isn't the worst diaper blow-out in the world. In fact, Jewels left a hilarious blow-out story in the comments yesterday. For those of you with kiddies, what was your worst poopy diaper experience?

Apparently the poopy diaper ended up foretelling what would become a poopy day. When Jeramy walked in the door an hour early , I asked if he'd been fired. Nope. Just laid-off. Craptastic!

Before anybody freaks out (including myself) it really isn't the worst situation on earth. Money-wise things will be tight but we will get by. Jeramy is in construction, which is prone to lay-offs from time to time especially when the economy gets bad. So we've always tried to manage our finances in a way that allows us to live off just my income. Plus my maternity leave is fully paid because I had a boat load of vacation saved, and with Jeramy here I can do more work from home than I planned so that I don't have to use up as much of it. Also, the list of out of work pipefitters at his union hall is not very long, so hopefully he won't be out of work too long. If he is still out when I go back to work full-time in January, then he can be the sole stay-at-home parent for a little while. In the meantime, he gets to take half...yes half!...of the late night feedings. I bet you ladies are jealous now.

In truth my biggest concern is that we are going to kill each other being home together 24/7 with an infant. It seems like a recipe for disaster.


C said...

Oh. My. Goodness.

That is the poopiest poopy blow-out I have ever seen! And after reading Jewel's story... well, I can't really compete. I've ended up with a handful of poo when Bean decided to finish the movement while I was mid-wipe, but nothing so complete as yours or as in-your-face as Jewel's. Wow.

I'm sorry about Jeremy getting laid off. :P Even if you expect it, it still sucks. I'm freaking out waiting to hear whether DH's union is going to strike. PLEASE NO! We can't live off of my salary... which is currently $0. I don't want to drain our savings.

s.e. said...

Oh poop for the grossness and for Jeremy's job. Wishing that you enjoy this time together and that a job opportunity comes his way quickly!

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

WOW! And I thought Lemy had blow-outs! Damn! I will say that while I don't have one story, since Lemy is quite a poopy baby, I will say that she makes poops that somehow wind up by her armpits and this happens like once a week--so I feel your pain. :)

nancy said...

How long are you taking off?

I really wish I was able to work from home on the days I had some time, but the way leave is at my work, it's continueous. I can't come back for a day and then work a day, etc. Cool that you can.

Sorry it was such a shitty day for you guys!

areyoukiddingme said...

That is definitely a poopy day. Sorry it's happening to you.

Our worst blowouts were at night, when DD would soak her jammies, the pad underneath her, and the sheet under that. Then, when I would take her to the changing table and get all the stuff off, she would start round 2 - a poo fountain that would spray me, the table, the pad, the wall, the chair - anything in range. I did not know that projectile pooing was possible.

You can survive too much family togetherness - just think, full time in-home child care (i.e. a husband) means you can get out of the house and have some time to yourself every now and then. Just call it paternity leave and it will be less unpleasant.

Cheryl said...

My worst poopy moment would be the times Carina decided to fingerpaint with her poop, on two different occasions. She would always poop at nap time and then she would unzip her sleeper and paint the walls, the bed, her hair, the sheets and blankets, the curtain. I got smart and started safety pinning the zipper so she couldn't undress. When I walked into the room and saw this the second time, I just sat on the floor and cried.
Aunt Cheryl

Kelly said...

OMG that is so gross!! So are the poop stories!! ICK!

Can't wait.... ;)

jenn said...

I'm sorry about such a craptastic day. Not fair about Jeremy-I hope he gets something lined up soon. I know how hard it is to be the only one working- even if it's technically doable- it's still hard when you are used to 2 incomes.

Good luck- and with the poop- yikes!

Barry said...

I love it when I hear people say "Oh, it's just baby poop...". Uh, no - shit is shit in my book. Funny thing is, even when your kids get into like elementary school they still thinks it's okay to call you into the bathroom after a particularly bad battle with diarrhea and ask you to wipe their butt for them.

Amanda said...

Sorry about the seriously poopy day. I hope that Jillian didn't have any repeat preformances. I also hope that Jeramy isn't out of work for too long (even though only having to do 1/2 the night feedings will be nice!).

Kathy V said...

Well That is certainly a blowout. We are only two weeks old so our blowouts haven't been that bad (yet!) But today we pooped on our outfit, our changing pad cover, our socks, ourselves and mommy before she had to start over and do the whole chinge of diaper routine again.

Barb said...

Wow. BIG bummer.