Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obstinance and Irony

Given the personalities of both Jeramy and myself, I was prepared for an obstinant child. However I was less prepared for an obstinant newborn.

When we arrived at the doctor's office yesterday I was unusually happy that Jillian was actually displaying her usual post-feeding symptoms: screaming, fussiness, spit-up, burping, etc. This continued until about one minute before the nurse called us back, at which point she fell soundly asleep in my arms. The nurse thought that maybe her symptoms would flare back up once we undressed her, but the opposite proved to be true. Instead she spent the entire appointment happily looking around, taking in her surroundings, and appearing to be the most pleasant baby on the planet. Of course the second Dr. M left the room she began crying, and she kept this behavior up the entire drive home. It seems that Jillian does not enjoy car rides as much as other babies, and I in turn have learned the value of turning the radio up.

Dr. M said that he suspected gas more than reflux although he did not rule the latter out. In the past 24 hours I had already implemented most of his suggestions, which included keeping her upright for at least 30 minutes after feedings and using the broken-down formula. He also told me how to squeeze the air out of the liners for my playtex bottles (and I somehow find the fact that I had to pay a doctor to tell me how to do such a simple thing a bit ironic). He said that I could continue with the mylicon drops although he wasn't sure they really did much. What he wanted to avoid was prescribing her a medication for reflux when they hadn't been tested thoroughly in infants. I certainly understand and agree with Dr. M's general philosophy on not over-medicating, so I'm fine with this for now especially as these steps seem to have stopped the uncontrollable crying fits. She is still fussy after feedings, but because I know the cause and how to handle it it seems much less stressful. He told me to call him next week if it still seems a big problem. Oh and he offered the reassurance that gas usually disappears by 12 weeks. Gee...thanks.

I was telling my mother-in-law that I found it ironic that Jillian should become a much happier and content baby right at the time that I'll be returning to work (my MIL will be babysitting). I think maternity leave is backwards. It would be much funner to hand Jillian off for the first few months and then stay at home from months 3-6. But I guess this isn't supposed to be a vacation despite my use of a few hundred "vacation" hours.


RBandRC said...

Lemy has the same exact issues and they are just starting to get better--so there is hope! We found that flexing her legs (in a bicycle motion) while she was upright helped her a good bit with gas as well.

And you're so right about maternity leave and timing--I felt the exact same way. But think of it this way...this is the time where she needs her mommy the most and you can be there with her without the stress of work to bog you down.

Thinking of you guys! ((HUGS))

Nicky said...

I was just complaining to S about the same thing -- just as LL gets old enough to be smiley and interactive, I have to go back to work. Sigh.

On the obstinant bit -- my mom likes to say that children love to make liars of their parents. Tell someone that your child does something, and guaranteed she'll refuse to do it in front of the person. Happens every time.

Amanda said...

I know you didn't ask for any assvice, but I've got some anyway! My oldest nephew screamed bloody murder after every feeding. My Mom found a homeopathic remedy (wish I could remember the name of it, but this was 10 years ago) that worked when mylecon drops wouldn't. His screaming fits were caused by gas (even though he was burped after every ounce).

Good luck! I hope the doctors advice helps!!!

Birdee said...

It's so hard through the fussy phase. I didn’t have much with Dylan unless I ate Broccoli, Onions or Chocolate - but It was a nightmare figuring that one out.
My poor cousin had a daughter who screamed so much, she ended up with a hernia, which made the screaming worse - that child seriously screamed 24/7 with few minute naps here and there, I hate to say this, but it was so bad -she ended up placing her in foster care – to which the foster parents ended up adopting the baby (part because she didn’t have insurance or a job and couldn’t take care of a high maintenance baby). I'm not proud of the decisions some of my family has made, but I do have compassion that goes out to the mom's with screaming babies.

nancy said...

I had a big problem with gas with ella. My "trick" was to hold her by her abdomen and bounce her on my knee. I could feel the bubbles with my hands and I would move/bounce until I could feel it dispelled. TOTALLY helped hugely. She never burped from any of the traditional methods.

George said...

I think of it this way...considering how fussy Jules is most of the day lately (he really can be such a pill)...I'm glad I'm here to deal with it, because I think it would drive a caretaker crazy - he/she would hit the road in no time or not give my little man the attention/comfort he needs during all this fussiness! But I can totally see what you mean about the "fun" phase after will totally suck to be back at work to miss all the fun after all the difficulty the first 12wks...ugh.

As for the gassiness...I use the gas drops too and they don't seem to do a thing. I asked my Ped about it, and she was no help when she just told me it's pretty normal fussiness in an infant until around 3 months age...thanks doc...big help!

Jamie said...

I was thinking the same thing . . .12 weeks?!?! Isn't that when Jen will go back to work?!?!

I'll add that to the list of things proving the universe is unfair.

sarah23 said...

Hi there!
I owe you a serious CONGRATULATIONS! I somehow hadn't read your blog in a L O N G time, but now I'm all caught up!

Jillian is absolutely beautiful!! I do appreciate your honesty about the hardships of the newborn period. I am going to be the same as you in that I will be going back to work when the baby is around 12 weeks old. Maybe the point is that as mamas, we're the only ones who would have enough patience to deal with the newborn during the really early phase. But yeah, I know it's going to be hard. Thanks for the reminder.

Kelly said...

I'm so glad that the doctor's tips are helping out Miss J.

I like your idea of maternity leave too:)

Kathy V said...

Well I have heard that children are out to make their parents look ridiculous or like liars right from the beginning. If you said she was the perfect child, when you went to the doctor's she would have cried the whole time. No matter what you said it is Jillian's job to make you look like a liar.