Tuesday, November 18, 2008

6 Weeks

Jillian is 6 weeks ago today, and yes she has worn her first pair of jeans. There is something just too adorable about a pair of jeans on a baby.

I can't quite put together a coherent post to commemorate this milestone, so instead you get yet another bulleted list...
  • Why do the worst diaper blow outs occur in the middle of the night? Last week we had one so bad that it went through three layers. There is nothing quite as fun as getting the stain remover out and doing a load of laundry at 3am.
  • Jillian has an unreasonably large head. This doesn't come as a surprise given the size of Jeramy's head. The first comment I heard from the doctor's when pulling her out during my c section was what a large head she had. Now I find that the matching hats from all those cute 3 month old outfits are too small for her even though everything else fits just fine (or is a little large even).
  • I'm moving to bigger bottles so that I can feed her more at a time. When feeding her 4 oz at a time yesterday she was voraciously hungry every 2 to 2.5 hours. I'm hoping that bigger feedings will widen that spread, although I'm a bit nervous about worsening the ever lovely gas issues.
  • Jeramy's co-worker commented that his three week old never cries. What the hell? A baby that never cries? Where do I get one of those? While I've learned to "manage" her, Jillian certainly will never win any easy baby contests.
  • Apparently the best time to take Jillian out is right after her morning bottle. We went to Target (aka every IF'er's nightmare as it is always seemingly packed with happy moms and babies) and she slept the entire time. I was even able to buy clothes and stop by the Starbucks for a caramel macchiato.
  • Rockstars, diet coke and wine are the beverages that help me get through the day


Jaime said...

Aww! Look at all that hair! I can't wait to see her tomorrow :)

Sunny said...

The point at which they stop pooping at night is one of the happiest in early development, in my opinion. Second only to them learning day from night in their sleeping patterns.

Baby jeans are my favorite, too!! Although I found some other pants at Gymboree that I am liking... right now he's wearing a blue-and-white striped button-down shirt and cargo khakis. He looks like a little man, and it cracks me up!

Now that you are out and about, if you want to meet up for Starbucks (I am back on the bandwagon, since they introduced their salted caramel hot chocolate), you know where to find me! :)

Birdee said...

lol- now you need a t-shirt for Jillian that says "My mom drinks because I cry"

And the diaper blow out - I've just been waiting - bursting to tell my own story (Hope you don’t mind if I share experiences with you)

It was the 2am feeding call. We had our routine down pact. (words right?) It was -feed on left - feel series of rumbles - change bum - feed on right - go back to bed.
One morning - 2am - fed on left - felt series of rumbles - changed bum - lifted chicken legs to put new diaper on - and apparently my boy got his first case of a blow out diarrhea - only it happened while I had his legs and bum lifted in the air, and my face was the target - Yes, poopie sprayed right in my face, all over my bed - all over him. I literally cried.
So yes, I know what it's like to do laundry - bathe a baby - take a bath - change the sheets - all at 2am.
Such a sweet love really - ahhhh the memories. Can’t wait to do it aging (lol - I must be crazy)

Kelly said...

I love the baby jeans!! So cute:)

nancy said...

how in the world had it already been 6 weeks? :)

ahhh, the blow outs. I remember the first one - I had NO IDEA what to do with it - I think I actually cut her clothes off (didn't know the rolling technique yet!)

jenn said...

I am ~so~ not looking forward to that!

6 weeks already! I love that she has a bit of the little old man look to her in that photo. I swear it's a good thing!

RBandRC said...

What a cutie she is in her jeans! I still need to get Lemy a pair. :)

Too funny on the non-crying baby. I told G that next time I want to be sure and order one that doesn't cry and fuss over every.little.thing. His response "we can order one?" Aaahh...Men.

Nicky said...

Funny -- I put LL in his first pair of jeans this week, too. So cute!

On diaper blow outs: we're using cloth diapers for the most part, but have used disposables on two occasions. Those two nights are the ONLY nights when LL has blown through a diaper. The cloth ones have held it in every time. Diaper services rock.