Monday, April 30, 2007

One Packed Weekend

Apparently, we forgot to put relaxation on the agenda this last weekend. We were on the go constantly and between family and the kitchen there was little time for just the two of us to kick back. So here is a quick re-cap...

Saturday was Grandma Harris' memorial service. The service was sad but intimate, and the DVD of pictures that I finished up with Jeramy's help on Friday night was a big hit. In fact, there are now some pictures to add, so I'll be revising it some before I send Jeramy off to Arkansas for the burial. Oh, and on the topic of Arkansas, please note that the state postal abbreviation is AR and not AK. I made that mistake with the obituary, and if anybody shows up in Lamar, Alaska for the burial I guess that I'm responsible. However, I just looked on mapquest, and there appears to be no such place so I should be safe.

While funerals are never fun, we did get to see a lot of family that we had not seen in a while. And Brittany's daughter, our niece Julia was the big hit. And as these pictures show it is easy to see why!

Sunday was spent working on the kitchen, and we were feeling pretty accomplished by the end of the day. Apparently there had been a leak many years ago (long before we owned the house) under the washer, and so the MDF board underneath had absorbed all the water. As a result it was warped and not holding together well. So Jeramy had to replace a big chunk with new plywood. Then we worked on sanding and painting cabinets. We managed to finish most of the top cabinets and the ones by the washer and dryer. We're hoping to get all of the cabinets finished before heading off to Westport for halibut fishing on Wednesday night.

Here are a few pictures of our latest progress. And note that we did not draw that man on the ground. Apparently, somebody had a little fun before laying new flooring and we found this when we pulled up the wood parquet tiles. It certainly gave us a laugh!

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