Friday, April 20, 2007

An Expensive Trip to the Vet

We took Cujo to the vet last night, because he had some acne that flared up so bad that it looked like it was getting infected ( dog has acne). When we were there, we found out there is this new medication for dog allergies that our vet wants us to try. The catch is that it isn't cheap...$300 for the first month because he has to take a really big dose because of his size. That cost could go down if he responds to it and we can back off on the dose. The vet also wanted to put him on prescription food to see if he also has food allergies, but we decided to wait for that because that would leave us with no food options for convincing Cujo to take his pills.

To give you a glimpse of our canine health care trevails, I thought that I'd share with you the Cujo care kit, shown in the photo above. It includes...

1. Prescription shampoo for allergies

2. Baby wipes, which we use to clean out his paws and skin flaps so that he doesn't get yeast infections there

3. Acne cream

4. Benadryl

5. Atopic...that ridiculously expensive dog allergy medication

6. Prescription ear medication and Q-tips

7. Doggie toothpaste

8. Flashlight. I hold this so Jeramy can see when he cleans out his ears.

9. Cheese. We wrap pills in this in order to con Cujo into taking pills. After he catches on to that, we'll move to wet dog food as he'll eat ever last drop no matter what disgusting powders we mix in.

So $400 later we got home from the vet and I gave Cujo his expensive pills. 30 minute later he went out to the backyard and vomited. Great. Let's hope he can start keeping these pills down or otherwise we're back to square one.

It is a very good thing that this dog is cute!

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Jaime Henne said...

It's funny how similar Jeramy and Cujo are. Both cost a lot of money to keep happy and are allergic to everything! :)