Monday, April 23, 2007

A Kitchen Re-modeling Extravaganza

Okay, so maybe "extravaganza" is not exactly the word I'd really use to describe the less than usable state of my kitchen right now, but as I want to keep this blog family friendly it will have to suffice. We kicked off the kitchen re-modeling this weekend by painting most of the walls, installing the dishwasher (which included installing an electric outlet and extending the cabinets to better frame the dishwasher) and installing new dry wall between the west countertop and cupboards. I find kitchen re-modeling to be a bit like a trip into history. For example, when removing a section of the flooring to get the dishwasher out we discovered that there are actually a couple of layers of floors wonder it was so thick!

Anyhow, despite the upheaval and a few unexpected trips to the hardware store, things seem to be progressing well. Here are a few pics so that you can see how things are going...

Jeramy installing the new dishwasher

A good way for venting frustration when re-modeling

What are these crazy humans doing anyhow???

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