Monday, August 30, 2010

Nearing the end of Summer Weekends

It is the last day of August and the weather is already starting to feel colder here in Seattle. Today it is gray and soggy. I sure hope that fall hasn't arrived early because summer is so short here and the months of gray seem to stretch on and on. On the bright side, the promise of cooler temperatures managed to lure my grandpa (D-daddy) and uncle up from Alabama for a long weekend. We haven't seen them since we visited when Jillian was just six months old, so between her growth (she couldn't even crawl then), the arrival of Hayden, and the expected great granddaughter #3 in a couple of months there had been a few changes.

Despite the cooler temperatures, the rain held off long enough for a BBQ at my Aunt's house on Sunday. It was sure good to catch up even if it meant that Jillian only got a 5 minute nap all day long (ugh). The highlight of the evening was when Jeramy delivered the enormous bottle of scotch that D-daddy bought from our friends who were moving. He loves his scotch, and this bottle was so big that it required a cradle for pouring.

Hopefully we can visit again before all these girls have graduated high school!

D-daddy and his scotch

Hayden napping on Aunt Jaime with cousin Lily kicking her from the inside

My Uncle Bob and the girls. Jillian wasn't too cooperative about pictures but if Hayden does it, she often will too.

Hayden and her great Uncle Bob

Hayden and D-daddy. Well to her maybe he is "great D-daddy"

Jillian and D-daddy

Jaime and her practice baby Hayden...a deceivingly easy practice baby

Jaime and D-daddy

She's getting big!

A tired Jillian looking to watch some Elmo

She loves herself some ranch dip.

Once we got home we caved and let her watch Sesame Street before bed

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Sunny said...

I can't get over how much Hayden looks like Jeramy! The girls are so cute. And your sis makes an adorable preggo. :)