Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sibling Rivalry

Aaaahhhh! They look so cute together. And yet there is contention in the ranks these days.

Jillian has reached an age where she cannot say very many words but always has an opinion. She has discovered that while her verbal capabilities are limited, she can couple words with physical action and pointing to express herself. There have been some rather amusing incidents lately where she has used this approach to show us her dissatisfaction with our attentions to her little sister. For example:

This morning around 7:00am at work, I received a call from Jeramy. He had just gotten Hayden out of bed. Apparently Jillian did not think this was a good idea and pushed him with the baby back into Hayden's bedroom and demanded that he put the "baby" back into bed. When he set her down she pulled him back out into the living room. Obviously he had to get the baby who was hungry, so Jillian's demands could not be satisfied for very long. He called me so that I could hear the complete meltdown she was having over it. I'm sorry Jillian but we cannot leave Hayden locked away in her bedroom forever. I hope you understand one day.

One evening after work I was alone with both girls. Jillian patted Hayden's play mat and said "baby, baby". I set Hayden down on the mat and Jillian proceeded to take my hand and had me sit down in the recliner where we feed the baby. She climbed into my lap, gave me her sippy cup, and laid down wanting me to feed it to her like I do with her sister's bottles. I must admit that I was too cute not to.

So yeah, she is a little jealous. It doesn't bother me much. Given her personality, it is probably a good thing for Jillian to get used to sharing early in life.


jenn said...

Is it terrible that I love the frustrated meltdowns? I have probably doomed myself, but Caiden now shakes her finger 3 times and says no, no, no with the cutest little imp grin! And I love every second of it.
Big personalities mean big disappointments, but also big fun- sounds like Jillian definitely has it!

Kelly said...

That is too cute! We will have the same problem with Makenna when she gets a sibling. Jillian has quite the personality on her;) Luv that!!

Katie said...

Tonight, Emma was crying really loudly and Will walked over to me, pointed to my stomach and said, "Emma go back into tummy."

Kids! :)

Anonymous said...

L did similar things, but it appears that she's starting to turn around. J is quite taken with her and so we always try to tell L "your sister loves you so much!" and build up her confidence. Its day to day, but getting better as the days pass. :)

Jamie said...

This is the sibling rivarly that is cute. When Jillian breaks down the bathroom door because Hayden is locked in there reading her diary - not as much fun.

But then they'll be best friends someday and look back on all that and laugh! Of course, you may have gray hair by then . . .