Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Not Enough Hours in the Day

I'm looking at the date on my phone at work and it says 8/24/2010. Seriously? Late August? When the hell did that happen? Life is moving at a frantic pace. I have been back at work for a month now. New projects are invading my weekday hours; chasing, feeding and bathing two small children consumes my evening hours; while friends, family, birthdays and BBQs take over on the weekend. Summer time is busy in Seattle. We must take advantage of the sunshine before the endless months of gray skies and drizzle arrive.

So yeah, it is back to being a working mom for me and a stay at home dad for Jeramy. We had three months of togetherness as a family of four which will probably never happen again in our lives. We went to two zoos, met up for play dates, and enjoyed a multitude of Costco runs. And on weekends there still were the friends, family, birthdays and BBQs. Plus I spent the better part of my leave at the dentist getting a root canal and two fillings and the vet for Cujo's endless ear problems. I sort of thought of it all as some quality "me time".

Upon my arrival back at work, people emphasized with me about how excruciating it must be to have to leave my girls every day. I nodded my head, smiled and thought of Jeramy at home dealing with the diaper blow-outs and temper tantrums. Perhaps I could be a stay at home mom, but the lot of working mom isn't necessarily so horrible either. Nobody ever laments over new fathers when they go back to work. Can't a woman be happy to return to work and still be a good mom? I get mixed messages from society on that one.

We celebrated Jeramy's 32nd birthday at the beginning of the month and then our 12th anniversary on Sunday. Soon it will be Jillian's 2nd birthday and then Thanksgiving and then Christmas and then Hayden's 1st birthday. *sigh* I just wish time would slow a little bit.

Until the next post, I leave you with some highlights from our summer...


Julie, Todd and Kate said...

I love binky pic! I have a similar one of my 2 kids. Kids are so funny!

Anonymous said...

I don't think there's anything wrong with liking work. I know I would go insane if I was home all the time. I'm just not cut out for that! ;)

They are just too cute and they look so much alike!

Barb said...

They are SO adorable.

And here I am - someone who thought I'd love going back to work and I soooo didn't. Everyone is so different huh? It's amazing. I'd like to work 2 days a week. haha.

Kelly said...

Seriously cute pics!!

There are some days when I drop Miss Thang off at daycare and grin the whole way back to my vehicle thinking "You poor soul. I don't pay you enough!". Ha ha!! All the while I'm power walking so Jaye can't catch me if she's had second thoughts on watching the drama queen:) tee hee

Jennifer said...

Wow, a month back already!?!?! That's crazy...where did the time go?

Things are just so busy, and time goes by so quickly...sometimes I just want to slow things down with my two munchkins too!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture parade!

Katie said...

When I was making the decision on whether to stay at home or work outside of the home, we actually looked at the possibility of M staying home (since I made more than him and it made more fiscal sense). But in the end, we both knew that he wasn't cut out for it. But had he wanted to, I know it would have made it a LOT easier to think about going back. . . knowing Will was in good hands with his Daddy.

I am just glad that you are happy and doing so well. I think that is what will make your kids happiest, seeing you successful and content.