Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's on the market

I'm happy to report that the old house is officially on the market. Now we just need a buyer. Our realtor actually showed it to one person before it was even listed. The good news is that it made his top two, but the bad news is that he chose the other house. However in my effort to look on the good side, I'm just going to be happy that somebody was actually seriously interested in the house. Perhaps this is a sign that it won't sit too long. Plus all this means that we can finally focus on getting settled in the house we actually live in.

Jillian did not throw up any more after my last post, which is probably because we didn't try to give her any more tylenol. Next time, Dr. M says we might try infants motrin to see if that sits with her belly better. Unfortunately now she has contracted another cold. Since she spends quite a bit of time with her two year old cousin everyday illness is going to be inevitable. I guess we have to build up her immune system sometime, so we might as well get it over with now.

The gal who works in the office next to me at work knit the most beautiful sweater for Jillian. I could only wish that my knitting was as nice as hers, but I lack her extreme attention to detail and determination for perfection. Here is Jillian modeling it:

Also, Jennifer over at Awaiting our First honored me with the Honest Scrap award that recognizes bloggers for great content and design. It was of course very sweet of her since I love reading her blog so much. It's so fun to watch her Julian grow and compare notes!

I'm never very good with awards and meme's and complying with their rules, but I'll try my best on this one. First I'm supposed to honor 7 other blogs (which is always tough because it seems like everybody else has already gotten the award by the time I get around to my post).

  • C at Sunny in Seattle - She is funny in her blog AND in real-life. It doesn't hurt that Danny is adorable.
  • Linda at All and Sundry - I am just one of many readers of this blog. Her take on parenthood is blunt and hilariously honest. Every post leaves me laughing.
  • Kelly at Horses, Cats and Dogs - She has all those animals...seriously! Not to mention a little one on the way. I met her on WebMD message boards back when I began TTC, and her optimistic attitude even when faced with the worst of adveristies never ceases to amaze me.
  • Cece at Child Bearing Hips - I'm pretty sure she might be super woman. She has a newborn AND still finds time to knit. I totally want to be her when I grow up.
  • Tammy at Life, Love and the Pursuit of Normalcy - Another friend I met on the WebMD message boards. It seems like life just keeps handing one obstacle after another to Tam. Through it all I appreciate her sarcasm and sense of humor.
  • Kandi at the Maniacal Mommy - Another Seattle area mom-to-be! I'm a recent follower of hers and for good reason. She's funny (obviously I place a high value on humor) and it is always so fun to hear from other local IF'ers.
  • SE at Riding the Roller Coaster - For her unfailing support and continual efforts to look at the bright side despite the crap handed to her. Like so many facing a tougher road than me, I find her perserverence impressive.
Next I have to share at least 10 honest things about myself (as opposed to all those dishonest things I've been sharing about myself before now???)

1. I started dating Jeramy when I was 16 and wrecked my car by running a red light. As a bonus, he fixed my car.

2. I'm horrible at sports. I hate running, have absolutely no coordination, and am afraid of balls. (e.g. footballs or baseballs people. Get your minds out of the gutter already). My friend Jessie convinced me to play on her soccer team in middle school. I'm pretty sure she regretted that decision.

3. I went to the University of Washington but stayed only long enough to attend class since I was married and lived over an hour away. Luckily my sister, who was not a student there, attended the frat parties. So between the two of us, I think we got college covered.

4. I had the most horribly crooked teeth until my twenties when I finally got braces. It took 5 years and two jaw surgeries to fix them.

5. It's high time I bucked up, improved my eating habits and lost weight. I'm carrying around pregnancy weight on top of I can't get pregnant weight on top of grad school weight.

6. I'm socially inept. I had the hardest time making and keeping friends as a kid, especially in grade school. Even now I owe most of my social life to my husband.

7. I'm an incredibly picky eater. I prefer pizza, macaroni and cheese, pasta and grilled cheese sandwiches. Fruits are in but vegis are out. I eat like a preschooler. Have you ever ordered a beer and then asked for a kids menu? I have.

8. The only video game I was ever very good at is Tetris.

9. I'm a tad obsessed with Pride and Prejudice...the book and the BBC version of the movie. I just can't get enough of Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy.

10. I majored in chemistry in college, but it didn't work out as a career. My klutziness is just not compatible with working in a lab. Sulfuric acid burns hurt.

I know it said at least 10, but I'll spare you any further mundane details about me.


Jennifer said...

Oh came out to play! Love the things about you...always nice to learn more. Congrats on getting the house cool that you already had interest!!!

Moo2400 said...

Your old house is a pretty nice place. Hopefully it does sell fast - for $250K, it's a pretty fair deal. Hope you're enjoying your new house.

~ Curt

nancy said...

That is a beautiful sweater. Wow.

And you will be happy once all the sicknesses are over. My girls RARELY get sick now. It's awesome.

Kelly said...

Thank you for the award! ~blush~

CJ said...

I hope this means we can expect more posts from you again, I missed you! :) What a great sweater, and you couldn't have a better model. I bet you could make one like that, given the time. Love that you order a beer and ask for a kid's menu. I'll take grilled cheese and a hot dog any day.

Oh, and thanks for the award! :)

KandiB said...

Cute sweater! I just love it. I'm obsessing over all the cute knitted stuff on etsy. I wish I could knit. Never got past making a chain.

Thanks for the nod! I will proudly take on some honest comments about myself. I wish I could drink a big glass of wine to get the mood going!

Oh, and, good luck selling your house! I hope it goes QUICK!

Jennifer said...

i just have to say that jillian is the prettiest lil girl i think i've ever seen...such a sweet pretty girl face!! xoxo to her!