Monday, February 23, 2009

Why I Hate Direct TV - Part Deux

Just when I thought that I couldn't harbor any further disgust for Direct TV, they find new ways to completely piss me off. We were scheduled to have the satellite installed on Saturday the 14th. However when the guy walked around with the little meter that tracks signal, he found that we couldn't install the dish anywhere on the house or garage because of all the trees in the way. Instead, he determined that in order to get signal we would need to install the dish on the other side of the property. So Jeramy spent the better part of the next week digging a trench and installing a pole on which we could mount the dish. Here is the photographic proof (that trench goes all the way to the fence in the distance):

The installation was rescheduled for Friday the 20th. The appointment window was scheduled from 8am - 12pm. Of course, the installers did not show up until 4pm. Then they found that they did not have enough cable to get from the house all the way out to the pole we mounted even though the installer who had been out earlier knew exactly where we were installing it. They agreed that they would come out the next morning.

The next morning the installer showed up as planned. Before installing the dish, he asked whether the previous installer had actually climbed up on the roof of the garage to check the signal. Jeramy said no. Guess what? He got signal at the top of the garage and would install the dish there. It turned out that digging the trench was completely unnecessary. We could have gotten satellite a whole week earlier minus a ton of manual labor if the guy had only gotten his lazy ass up a ladder to measure signal. Needless to say we weren't amused.

Today during my lunch I called Direct TV to get my credit for no service from the end of January until the installation. Guess what? They didn't want to extend my credit from the 13th to the 21st. Again I had to spend my hour bitching on the phone until I finally found somebody who could see the logic in giving me a credit considering that (1) we could have had satellite installed on the 13th if their tech wasn't a lazy idiot and (2) Jeramy had to spend many unnecessary hours building a trench.

Unbelievable. They've screwed up so many times that at this point I've accumulated enough credits to get 2 months of free service.


CJ said...

OMG I'd be so pissed. I'm glad they gave you credit, but they can't give you back those hours spent digging the trench! It's not like you haven't been busy enough lately! Man.

Oh, and LOL at Jeramy's response to your question about when he'd last been to the fancy mall. :D

JamieD said...

Thinking about our cable company makes my blood boil. Sadly, it is about the same story as Direct TV - terrible service all around. I would love to cancel the cable completely just for spite but the thought of no cable gives Hubby palpitations.

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

UGH. That is so infuriating. Sorry, hun. ((HUGS))

sarah23 said...

Ugh, I would be FURIOUS about having to dig that trench. How VERY annoying!!

Jillian and her sweater are both adorable.

Congrats on selling the house, BTW!

s.e. said...

We went throught this (miss the trench) with Comcast recently only to find out we really didn't get the credit we were told.

I hope your situation turns out differently. But just wanted to offer the warning that it may be too good to be true even though it is not good at all.

Tom said...

I hate Direct TV for not waving the Early Cancellation Fee for my deceased mother. I purchased Direct TV for my mother, as a gift and had the bills sent to my home. When my mother was diagnosed with untreatable metastatic colon cancer in Jan 2009, and since then moved into Hospice, Direct TV would not wave the $300 Early Cancellation Fee because I was the one paying the bill. On several other occasions by phone, they had my wife in tears even when my mom passed away they still charged our account $286.97. Direct TV had no compassion and when my wife asked the Direct TV employee (Luis - Employee #10036244) what he would do if it was his mother who passed away; he said that he would pay the bill. I would NEVER recommend them to anyone.

Stacy said...

In February of last year, I switched from Cox Comm. to Direct TV. Less than 2 weeks later, a gas explosion and resulting fire destroyed everything I owned (including their little boxes.). I notified them that I needed to cancel my service and was told that that would cost me around $750, but that they would suspend my service for up to 9 months. Nice of them, since I had no home to attach their dish to! Now, 11 months later, I am about to close on a home and contacted DTV about reinstalling their service. I was told that they would not reconnect me until I paid them for the units that were lost in the fire. It seems that the protection plan I paid for was good for power surges, but not catastrophic fires! They want $175 per unit, (which they will see over my dead body) and in December they put a negative notice on my until then excellent credit report, so now I can't even transfer the service I had been using. These people are scum-sucking pigs, and if there's a class action suit out there, sign me up!

ameyer13 said...

What confuses me is the lack of effort when in this economy consumers can inevitably just shut the water off on luxuries all together. Most people will find a way to deal with their unhappiness but some might just say oh well we can live without it. When a large commercial company like Direct TV doesn't do what is necessary to ensure customer satisfaction, it's really sad in my opinion because the whole reason the service exists is because customers pay fro their services. I've been a frequent flier for work through Dish Network for quite a while and unfortunately spend quite a bit of time far from home. Now I've found a way around this with getting a Sling Adapter which streams me my live TV over my iPad but what really makes em happy is the service. Customers keep the companies in business and when calling into Dish, the agents are able to take care of everything it seems. All my questions are answered with a pleasant helpful voice on the other end of the phone. I have 24-7 support so it doesn't matter which time zone I'm in. Customer service is key for corporations in this economy, I'm so glad I can count on mine.