Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Unexpected

I knew going into this whole mom gig that I could never fully prepare for what it would be like. Over the past few days, I have been reflecting on just what aspects have been the most unexpected.
  • I knew that I would be sleep deprived in the beginning. And boy was I. By the end of that first week, I think that I had only gotten 15 hours of sleep total. However what I did not expect was that when I got the opportunity to sleep, I couldn't. Mind mind was racing. Being a new mom was stressful, and I had difficulty wrapping my mind around the enormity of it all. There was this new little life that I was entirely responsible for, and I feared failure. I was exhausted, but I couldn't get myself to unwind enough to rest.
  • Then once I was able to settle down enough to sleep, I found that my baby made lots of noises that kept me up. Loud noises too as I wasn't even co-sleeping. These were the noises I heard from across the hall without a monitor. I could never have forseen sleeping with earplugs every night. I can still hear her cries, but it takes the edge off enough for me to sleep.
  • I am sore. My arm is sore. My shoulder is sore. My neck is sore. My knees are sore. My difficult to burp baby requires lots of bouncing. She also takes a long time to feed so I'm actually sore from holding her in the feeding position. I'm loving both my hot tub and Ben-Gay these days. If only I didn't reek of wintergreen.
  • Babies (or at least my baby) doesn't nap anytime or any place. I figured that when she would fall asleep that we'd stick her in the crib for a few hours. Ummmm...not so much. For the first couple of weeks I don't think she slept any where but on me or Jeramy. Finally I learned she would sleep in her swing, which is where she is napping right now. This has turned out to be the magic solution to both nighttime and daytime sleep for us. I just wish that I had purchased a swing that could be plugged into the wall. D batteries are spendy.
  • I always heard that babies easily fall asleep in cars. That is true for Jillian provided the vehicle is moving. I have come to despise red lights. I'll even take a longer route to go places now if it means going on freeways rather than surface streets.
Jeramy went back to work on Monday. He is working six ten-hour days, and is not getting home until after 6pm at night. We're both pretty sad about that as he does not get to spend much time with Jillian. So far it seems like he's either had a crazy work schedule or been laid-off during the course of her life. Anyhow, the money is very nice as we know he'll likely be home again by late January or early February.

Okay, here are the latest pics. Is it me or does this girl have the craziest expressions?

A big smile. Provided she is in a good mood, it is pretty easy to coax a smile out of here these days.

Apparently she isn't too keen on the bonnet I knitted for her.

First thing after waking up and being released from the swaddle she loves to stretch and stretch and stretch. I think it is hilarious, and every time I stretch now I remind myself of her.

She's not a big fan of tummy time.

She was so tired after the shots that she even slept in the bassinet for like 30 whole minutes.


Kelly said...

Look at those eye lashes!! She is such a cutie:)

I love to hear all the unexpected stuff so that way I can try to be a tish more ready & prepared although I didn't think I'll ever be "ready"!

Sunny said...

The stretching picture is my favorite!! Bean doesn't do the newborn stretch anymore, and I miss it. Although I do love his morning stretches, his legs go straight out and I like to tickle the fat on his thighs.

Jaime said...

OMG. I love the bonnet pic! Lauren actually called me to tell me to look at your blog because of that pic. I love love love my little niece!

RBandRC said...

She is just too cute!!! I can't take that bonnet picture--its hilarious! And I am so with you on red lights--Lemy FREAKS OUT when we stop. And sometimes that carries over into the drive. Bleh. Oh well. Thank goodness for the swing and those brief naps! :)

Barb said...

I LOVE the bonnet face. :)

K @ ourboxofrain said...

The pics are great -- she's so sweet! I love that you got a pic of the big stretch -- Harry only does it when picked up, so it's impossible to photograph. Does Jillian pull her feet up under her bum when she does it? (And I totally remind myself of him too!)

Oh, and Harry only naps in the swing too (or in the carseat, if walking or driving). I need to figure out when/how to break him of that habit.

nancy said...

Welcome to motherhood :)

I've never seen a plug in swing. I just invest in tons of D batteries, as my children spent many many many naps in that swing. I've even let my girls sleep in the swing all night before.

George said...

Ya, she's not into the bonnet - LOL!

Jillian is such a beautiful little girl - and I'm sure those gorgeouse smiles are addicting!

I'm telling ya, if we lived closer to one another, Julian and Jillian would be great pals - they are so much alike.

When I read your posts - I always nod my head at how similar things are in our house with Julian!

Jamie said...

Those are all the exact things you never read in the parenting books. I wonder if they leave it out intentionally?!?!

She is so beautiful! I can see where that smile erases everthing else.

Geohde said...

Yes on just how bad sleep deprivation is cumulatively YES on not being able to sleep, despite being so tired eyes are all swimmy and can't sleep.

You hit the nail on the head!


Kathy V said...

You know I could have written this post word for word. Naptime is very difficult for us and sleep for me is an absolute gift but getting there is challenging. In addition, my husband is working long hours too and while I love my daughter that makes for a long day for me because nap time is challenging. My daughter will sit in the swing but we don't sleep an extremely long time there. And I now hate red lights too. But it is hard to pack her up to get in the car just to sleep cause it is 30 degrees here and packing her up is more work than just trying to calm her down to sleep in the house.