Friday, December 5, 2008

Just Wait Until She's a Teenager

Apparently Jillian has decided to rebel in the only ways that she knows how. First it started with sleep. For two weeks straight she slept from 8pm until anywhere between 5am and 7am. Now, she has decided that the 3 o'clock hour is an ideal time for a bottle. I know, I know. You probably still hate me as she is still sleeping 7 hours straight, which is impressive for an 8 weeker. I was just completely spoiled for the past couple of weeks, and now I am paying the price.

However, this is not the only act of Jillian's rebellion. The other one is pooping, which seems to be my new favorite topic for blogging. She used to go once...maybe twice...each day. While this occasionally led to crazy bad blow-outs, I was changing fewer diapers. However, now she has started going several times a day. This would be fine, if I could at least predict when pooping would happen. For example, I used to change diapers when she woke up but moved that until after the bottle, since she seemed to prefer combining her #2 with food. Just as soon as I made that change, she began going 30 minutes after the bottle and shortly after getting a fresh diaper. Other times she'll decide to poo, get a fresh diaper, and then poo again one hour later. It has gotten to the point where it seems that she poos every time she gets a fresh diaper on. I have tried glaring and lecturing her whenever she begins that tell tale grunting, but she never listens to me as usual.

I had my post partum appointment today. Yes it has been 8 weeks, but apparently Dr. C is a very busy lady. She was very impressed that I am within 3 pounds of my starting weight there, which was 9 weeks pregnant. She was disappointed that I didn't bring Jillian with me, but at least I had pictures for her. I just wasn't up for bringing an infant to a doctor's appointment that involved much waiting and a pelvic exam, when Jeramy is home to take care of her.

Speaking of Jeramy, he has a job starting on Monday so it seems that our continual weekend is indeed coming to an end. The downside is that the job will only last six to eight weeks. But there are many upsides because he'll be getting tons of overtime and will be working in Maple Valley which is relatively close by. Plus he'll probably get laid off shortly after my return to work, so he'll get to be a stay at home dad again. Really this couldn't come at a better time because in the last week the water pump in my car and our stove both took a sh*t. Not exactly the kinds of expenses you want when you're down an income!

Jillian turns two months on Sunday and has her doctor's appointment on Monday. (So look for an update then. I can't wait to see how much this little fatty weighs! In the meantime, here is a picture of her with her Baby Einstein Crack Star. We found that we could move it to her bouncy seat, which is where we put her after feedings sometimes as we try to keep her upright for a little while.


CJ said...

Hooray for Jeramy's job! That's exciting! Sounds like the timing of everything will be perfect.

Bummer about the sleeping and pooping. Just when things are going well, they'll change. Although you know my perspective on the sleeping. Bean has recently reduced his night wake-ups to 1-2 times per night and I'm so happy I want to cry!!

Okay, how come everyone I know is down to their PP weight within 2 months EXCEPT FOR ME???!!! (Maybe it has something to do with the 20 cinnamon-chocolate chip cookies I ate yesterday... Nah.)

LOL at the "crack star."

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

Yes, you will notice that the sleep strikes only get worse. Lemy is just now starting to get back to sleeping relatively regularly after 5 weeks of driving me insane. Interestingly, her sleep strike has led her to start napping fairly regularly--so there is a good side, however the last 5 weeks were a nightmare! :)

Hang in there! She's beautiful!

Amanda said...

You're one of two bloggers that have mentioned the Baby Einstein crack-star. I now have my Sister searching for the most inexpensive mat we can find for the boys. I will need that baby crack!

My neice went through the is-that-a-clean-diaper?-i-think-i'll-poop-then phase. Hopefully your beautiful little girl gets back on her good schedules!

Congrats on losing the weight so quickly!

Monica Fayth said...

Unfortunately, the pooping thing is pretty common. When I worked in daycare (1 year olds), we changed diapers every couple hours or so. And it seemed like we would always have at least 1 if not 2 or 3 kids that would poo immediately after their diapers were changed--and of course it was right as we were getting ready to go out to the playground or have lunch or something.

Congrats to Jeramy on the job! That's great news :)

Nicky said...

LL was like that with pooping, but around week 9, he changed to only pooping once every 2 days, which totally rocks. However, I'd take Jillian's more frequent pooping if it meant LL would sleep as long as Jillian is. After months of never getting more than 3 hours of sleep at a time, I'm about ready to crack.