Thursday, October 2, 2008

Not Much Progress

Today brought the second doctor appointment of the week. Everything is looking good. BP is fine. Amniotic fluid levels are fine. The heartbeat is fine. Unfortunately there wasn't much for progress towards actually delivering this little girl. No contractions. Still dilated at 1cm. Dr. C did say my cervix seemed softer and that Jillian moved into a better position. She stripped my membranes so we'll see if that helps at all. If the baby hasn't arrived by next Thursday's appointment, then she'll schedule an induction.

Oh and we got the u/s tech to measure the head size, which has been a tremendous source of nervousness for me given the size of Jeramy's. Luckily she proclaimed it to be completely average. Phew!

We're getting anxious for Jillian to arrive, although I'm trying to remain patient. Jeramy is especially antsy. He keeps tapping my belly and instructing her to come out. Unfortunately it seems like she's like her mom...stubborn and running late!

I did get some u/s pictures, but it is difficult to make much out at this stage of the game. You can kind of make out a ghostly image of her face in this picture. Do you think she looks like Jeramy or me? (Either answer would probably be correct given that we look an awful lot alike).


Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

She's going to be here before you know. The last few days of waiting are the worst! Hang in there! :) ((HUGS))

Jennifer said...

good luck w/ the membrane stripping - i had it done yesterday and nothin'...guess these babies will come when they are good and ready!

nancy said...

Ugh. Membrane stripping hurts so much! But it didn't put me into labor either.

Just promise me not to do something stupid like take castor oil!

C said...

Very soon!! Good luck!!

Amanda said...

I'm glad that everything stll looks wonderful, but I'm sure you're very ready for her to arrive. I'm thinking labor thoughts for you!

Kelly said...

Maybe this weekend!! How exciting:) Good luck!!

Cece said...

Just checking in! I'm also pretty nervous about head size (what is it with marrying large headed men? I should have noticed that BEFORE I fell in love with him). I'm going to ask for a measurement of that at my 35 week u/s for sure.

Jaime said...

I think she looks like me :)

Really, I think that I can pretty much already say that she has blonde hair and blue eyes. There won't be much surprise in what she looks like! I just can't wait for her to arrive. Call us any time day or night when you are going into labor! I can't wait to meet my little Jilly Bean!

I will have to comment on your most recent post when you have the baby so that all your friends here don't freak out :)