Monday, July 14, 2008

A Whole Lot of Nothing Going On

Well there haven't been any posts for the past few days. I wish I could say that I've simply been too busy living my glamorous life full of excitement. But really things have been pretty slow lately. I pretty much did nothing over the weekend. Zero. Zilch. Nada. And if you come take a look around my house, you'd see that there was plenty to be done on the housekeeping front at least. Unfortunately my motivation seems to be lacking though.

I've been trying to master kick counts as instructed by my OB. I'm supposed to do them once a day when Jillian is the most active and call if she doesn't kick more than 10 time in an hour. It sounds pretty straight forward. But it seems like just as soon as I decide she is very active and start counting, little missy decides it is time for a nap. Then there are times that she is quite busy, but I'm in a meeting where I have to concentrate on things other than my baby girl's each move. Oh and trying to figure out what constitutes a kick is fun too as when I feel a small movement, I'm always wondering if that should count or not. I suspect that I'm over analyzing this a bit.

We are 2 days working days post 1-hour GTT. No calls from the OB's office yet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed...and indulging in some sour patch kids.


Nicky said...

I didn't get my glucose screen results for a week. After 3-4 days, I decided that if the results had been bad, they would have called me. So take it as a good sign!

Geohde said...

I reckon you've passed, which is great because I can affirm that the 3 hour versions sucks.

Pregnant women should never be asked to fast.


Kathy V said...

I am hoping the test results will come soon and that all is well. Glad everything is just going good.

Maria said...

I'm praying that you passed!!

That kick counting thing does seem a bit tricky.

George said...

I haven't yet been told to monitor kicks - maybe they'll ask me to do this after my next appt in 2 wks. Sounds like you passed the GD test - they called me the next day with result telling me I need Iron pills due to anemia issues they found in my CBC test. Take no call as good news!

Jamie said...

Mmmm . . . sour patch kids. It makes me want to go to the movies and buy over priced candy!