Thursday, July 10, 2008

Flat sugary liquids and brain freeze

I got to experience the joy that is the 1 hour glucose screening test today. Like a good girl I chugged the glucola 45 minutes before today's appointment. Luckily the taste was not overly repulsive, but it was so cold from my workplace refrigerator that I got a small case of brain freeze. I hate that feeling!

So now I'm just hoping that I don't get a call from my OB as I'd rather not get to experience the joy that is the 3 hour GTT. I'd also rather not have anemia, although maybe that would explain a little of the exhaustion I had this week. I actually suspect that drinking the glucola made me even more tired than usual, because after I left the doctor's office I could hardly keep my eyes open to drive home.

Anyhow the rest of the appointment went well. The heartbeat and blood pressure are fine. The weight gain is reasonable although I'm feeling more and more Oompa Loompa like everyday. My belly is measuring right on track at 29 weeks.

Tomorrow a friend is having surgery for her unicornate uterus, so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. If you've heard anything about that condition it is a tough battle IF-wise, and I hope this at least goes smoothly for her.


Mel said...

Hope your test results come backs great!! ;)
I cannot even imagine how oompa loompa you feel and you still have 10.5 weeks to go-sheesh!!

Nicky said...

Glad the test is behind you! (Brain freeze? Now I'm picturing a glucola slushy....) Good luck with the results!

Jewels said...

I got a brain freeze 2 days ago gobbling down a frozen Raspberry Lemonaid Keva Juice (yummm).

I'll pray for your friend, and hope your pass your test too.

Jen said...

I hope the results come back negative!

KatieM said...

Good luck with your test results!!!

sarah23 said...

I read the title and I thought it was going to be about a Slurpee craving or something! Good luck on the GTT!

Laura McIntyre said...

Im glad i don't need to do the gtt test, hope your results come back perfect

Kathy V said...

Well I hope you passed your diabetes test. I have to do that in a couple of weeks and not entirely looking forward to it either.

I guess feeling like an oompa loompa is better than feeling like violet. Afterall she had to go to the juicing room in order to sqeeze the juice out!