Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's Junuary

Apparently, the Northwest has been exempted from heat wave the rest of the nation is currently experiencing. In fact, it is downright cold here. You may have 90's or 100's but we've got 50's. Yesterday's low temps destroyed a record that dated all the way back to 1894, and this is now the coldest June on record since 1917. So of course our local weather forecasters have given this latest weather phenomenon a nickname, Junuary, and could not stop themselves from repeating with shock "it's June 10th" during this morning's newscast. Admittedly it does not turn consistently summer-like in Seattle until after the 4th of July, but between the snow in the mountains and chilly winds, this is getting absurd.

Yesterday afternoon, we got a call from my mother-in-law because the wind blew a tree down across her driveway. So we loaded up the chainsaw and headed over to assess the damage and clean up. This was the scene:
It wasn't actually the whole tree but a rather large branch of it. It did hit my sister-in-law's car, but luckily the only damage it sustained was a small dent on the trunk. Jeramy and a neighbor spent an hour cleaning it all up, and then we were on our way home.

Upon arriving home, we discovered our power was out. I was pretty surprised, because usually it takes a larger windstorm to knock out power in our suburban neighborhood. Luckily we have a generator for our camper, so Jeramy started it up so we could watch some TV. I was sure the power would come back on by morning, but it didn't. So the generator was turned back on and thanks to our gas powered hot water heater I still got my morning shower. Then we left the house with the generator running the refrigerator and freezer. Around the corner the road was closed and a crew was working on the lines. So hopefully we'll have power and heat (because it's Junuary you know) tonight.

In the midst of all this bizarre weather, I hit the 24 week mark yesterday which feels like a big milestone to me. For one, if Jillian were to be born today, the doctor's would actually try to keep her alive and there would be somewhere around a 50% chance of her surviving. (Not that you should be getting any big ideas about moving out early, young lady!). It also marks the last month of my second trimester. So much has happened in just a couple months time from gaining in confidence that we'll end up with an actual baby at the end of this to learning that it is a "she" to feeling the reassurance of the baby's movements. The fact that we'll go from a free wheeling couple to a family by this fall is very exciting and a little scary.

To celebrate, I'll leave you with my 24 week pic, which features my belly and double chin. I've now reached the stage where complete strangers are brave enough to ask me when I'm due, and Jeramy is growing a little concerned with how much bigger I'm going to get.


Ann said...

You look so cute! Yes, at 24 weeks I'm feeling pretty darned far along, too.

Here in the Midwest, we're getting some heat (70s), but way, way too much rain!!! Every day! Flooding over the weekend!

Kathy V said...

You look beautiful in your 24 week picture. I am so excited for you and Jillian's progress.

I told you anytime you want to come visit please do so. The humidity has dropped so it is 85 degress but not stinky hot anymore. So come visit if you want to.

Kelly said...

You look adorable!!

We're getting colder than usual weather too and if it doesn't quit raining soon, I'm doing to start building an ark!

Poltzie said...

Oh Jen you look great! We have crappy weather here too. It's been raining for two weeks now but with the baby I don't mind it. It's much easier to bundle a baby up then to keep them cool (when you have no AC and can't justify the thousands of dollars it would cost to get it because it's only needed for about two months of the year)!

Mel said...

Global warming? Pshhhh, right?
We were 95 here yesterday with a heat index of 100+!

Beautiful photo, as always. ;)

KatieM said...

Awww, well I think your belly is perfect, and I love that top! =)

Cece said...

You look so cute! I'm finally getting a belly that I can notice (instead of feeling fatter). That baby sweater on my blog - it is owls! Here is the pattern http://www.pennystraker.com/babyowl.html.

Jen said...

You look great! And I know about weird weather. We had snow what two weeks ago down here and ski resorts are still open!

jenn said...

Very cute! We used to get theserandom 70-80 days in february or march...
yeah- global warming's ~totally~ a myth!

C said...

Looking cute there, mama-to-be! Congrats on getting up there in weeks.

I missed the "Junuary" reference from the forecasters. That's actually kinda cute. :) Better than something like "POLAR FREEZE 2008"!

Tammy said...

Holy Cow, Has it really been 24 weeks already? Dang, time flies.

BTW, You are so cute with your belly pics. Tell hubby that at least you are carrying in your front and not your ass... lol

I lov seeing your updates too.