Monday, June 30, 2008

27 Weeks

Today marks 27 weeks. That's like really pregnant. And despite my expanding waist line, I still have a hard time believing it. While running errands this weekend, I had a couple different people ask me when I was due. At first I sort of puzzled. Due date, what do they mean by....oh yeah. I'm obviously pregnant. They're talking about the baby. Crazy.

It was super hot over the weekend. Maybe I should qualify that statement. By super hot I mean the upper 80's. But by Seattle standards this represents a serious heat wave, especially when it is only June. Saturday I kept to my air conditioned house as long as much as possible, but Sunday afternoon we ventured out on the boat for a little fishing. We did not get so much as a bite, but that wasn't too unexpected as most of the salmon do not enter Puget Sound in route to the rivers until late July and August. It was fun to be out in the sun, although I was exhausted by the time we got home. Luckily I wasn't sun burnt thanks to my SPF 50 with the exception of my scalp, which I noticed when combing my hair this morning.

I woke up with a pounding headache at midnight and slept in the living room recliner after taking some tylenol. That was a good decision I think, as I woke up feeling much better. Not only was the headache gone, but I felt a lot less stuffy. I think the incline of the chair coupled with the Claritin is doing the trick.


Nicky said...

Upper 80s still counts as super hot in my book, so you have my sympathy.

Mel said...

Yay for 27 weeks!!!! =)
We are anticipating a high of 96 today... I cannot imagine 80's being hot-I am jealous!

KatieM said...

Wow....27 weeks, that is totally pregnant =P Nah, seriously though, I can't believe I'm 18.5 weeks now, I'm going to be completely blown away by 27!! Congrats on making it this far =)

Kathy V said...

It sounds like summer finally made it to the Seattle area. It sounds like you had a nice weekend out on the boat too.

Congrats on 27 weeks. That is so funny that you didn't know what people were taking about when they asked when you were due.

Glad to hear that the recliner is helping you sleep. I hit the recliner several times a week. It is great for helping me sleep.
(Gender has been released on my blog if you were one of the people that were interested.)

Jen said...

Wow! 27 weeks already? Yay! And 80s? Colorado is in the low 90s. Blech. I might as well move back to Texas if I want super hot!

nancy said...

You know what I'm excited for? For you to be REALLY pregnant. I remember being where you are, really big at 27 weeks (we both get seriously large when we are pregnant!) and I thought I was just so giant. Then it kept going. And going. And going. And I can't WAIT until you are like 37 weeks and look back at 27 weeks and say "damn, that was nothing!". ~giggle~

I can only enjoy this because I go through the same thing!

Oh - 80s? lol. I live in a place that didn't start putting a/c into homes until the late 90s. My house was built in 63 and I have NO a/c. Yup, it's been hitting 90-92 and NO air conditioning. I'm going to die!!!

jenn said...

I will trade you- we're at high 90's with insane humidity- which is really like a steamy 95! yuck!

Congrats on 27 weeks! I really can't believe you are already there- it's gone so quickly!

Katie said...

I know, wasn't that heat ridiculous?!!?

And you have air conditioning? Perhaps we should arrange a live meeting - at your house - during the next heat wave!

Ann said...

Yes, it feels strange to only have 3 months left. In some ways, it feels like our due date is just around the corner, but in other ways it seems like forever!

Jewels said...

I'm about to puke from the heat. I probably will tonight at my uncles wedding.

Have a happy 4th :)

Cece said...

It's going to be 'real-feel' 100 degrees this week - and I have baseball tickets! Sigh. 27 weeks is REALLY preganant! Hurrah for you.

C said...

It was hot for Seattle, which made me happy... being used to the crushing 90 to 100-degree heat of St. Louis! What I don't understand, though, is why more people in Seattle don't have a/c. I know it's a temperate area, but seriously people! It does get hot! Thank goodness our new house has a/c, because most of the ones we looked at didn't. :/