Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Losing It

You might notice a new ticker in the corner. I'm losing it. Weight that is, and not my sanity. Although some days it may feel like both.

I have a lot of weight to lose, and I'm going to bare all the facts to you. I don't like to beat around the bush. I was 140 lbs at my lowest weight as an adult, and that was in 2004. Then I started grad school while working full-time and gained a lot of weight. After I finished I grad school, I tried to get pregnant which didn't go so well, and I gained weight. Then I actually got pregnant, and gained weight. And then I got pregnant again, and gained some more. After Hayden's birth, my weight leveled off around 225 lbs. Not good.

I am an emotional eater. What ever negative feeling I might have whether it be upset or boredom, I address by eating. I've reached the point where I'm feeling very unhealthy and unattractive. Even worse, I'm setting a bad example for my girls.

I have lost weight before by counting calories and cutting back on portion sizes. I don't believe in fad diets or self deprivation. It is about changing eating habits. This time around it has been very difficult for me to gain the momentum needed to start losing weight. I would count calories for a day or two, "mess up", get depressed, and eat some more rather than get back on the saddle.

Needing to do something different, I joined weight watchers online. I'm cheap, so I figured that if I was paying for it, I would make an effort to stick with it. Plus I'm telling everybody around me what I am doing so they can hold me accountable. Because I hate to say I am doing something and then not do it. So far this approach seems to be working, and I have lost 5 lbs in a couple of weeks. I fully expect my weight loss to slow down a bit to the recommended 1-2 pounds a week. It always seems to come off quicker at the very beginning of a diet.

I'm feeling better already. It is strange but even though I haven't lost much weight yet, just eating healthier leaves me feeling skinnier.


Kelly said...

That's great Jen! I need to do the same thing! I will join you on a weight loss journey too:) I really need to get exercising! I feel like a slacker.

Heather said...

Rock on! I'm trying to lose weight too. Cutting portions, not snacking on crap, drinking more water. Like you said - no fad diet just doing better and not emotional eating.

I had a bad day last week and I had to remind myself that each day I wake up is a new day and can start fresh so it was back to salad and lean meats...


Barb said...

Good job Jen!!

Katie said...

Ooooh, I LOVE WW. The weight comes off pretty fast at first, then slows to a more slow, but steady, loss. It's wonderful for teaching you "how" to eat, and even when you are not officially on the program, you will be trained and at least know when you are straying.

I have LOTS of WW recipes if you need some ideas! Good, family friendly stuff, too!

Nicky said...

Yep, as soon as Kermit is 3 months or so, I'm going to start seriously addressing my weight, too. I've lost weight before, but grad school + pregnancy has added almost the exact same number of pounds as you're trying to lose, so I get 'ya. Good luck!

Jamie said...

I have the same problem - if I fall of the wagon, I start eating even worse.

The thing is, just by eating better I ~feel~ better. You will too!

Stay strong!!

Jennifer said...

Jen - 5 pounds is a great start honey...keep it up! Eating healthy isn't always easy, but just remind yourself of how amazing you will feel as you shed more and more weight...a healthy mommy is a happy mommy ;-)