Friday, September 24, 2010

Baby Shower

Last weekend, my sister's friend Lauren and I got to throw her baby shower. I think that I was more excited to throw a shower for somebody else than I was for my own! It was a very relaxed and fun shower, and I think that everybody had a good time. Only a month left until Lily's due hard to believe!

Lauren, Jaime and I

The diaper cake I constructed after watching YouTube videos. The shoes, while completely impractical for a newborn, are crazy cute.

The coconut cake Lauren ordered from Whole Foods. It is, perhaps, the best cake ever! I saved WW points all week for this cake.

Lily's first Seahawks clothes! Now if only we could forget about last week's game...

A cousins onesie for Lily. Jillian and Hayden wore their matching shirts to the shower. I have a dream of getting a picture of all three of them in their shirts. Uh yeah, we'll see how well that goes!

I ordered the most adorable piggy bank from AndrewandElla Designs off It was hand painted to match the bedding set Jaime chose. On the other side it says Lily. I got the customized piggy bank idea from my friend Jenny who got one for Hayden. Jillian has one on order to, as she broke the cheap one we got her from Target. *sigh*

The blanket I knitted for Lily also to match her room. It is the Dreamcatcher pattern by Susan B. Anderson. I'll try to remember to do a post just on making this blanket, because it really deserves one.

Jillian made friends during the shower. Here she and Peyton are bouncing on the ottoman. I love the look on my grandmother's face in the background.

Great Grandma Gene and Hayden

There is one seriously cute baby bump. Compare this to the size she was just a few months back.

Jaime with her friends Jamie, Allison, Jeana and Lauren. These girls have been friends since high school!

Jaime and her practice baby. Of course using Hayden (aka the easiest baby on earth) for practice is entirely misleading.

Oh and thanks Jeramy for deciding to pick up that external flash on a whim when buying my portrait lens. It makes for awesome indoor pics!


Jaime said...

The shower was amazing Jen!! Thanks so much :) I keep telling you that if Lily is a fussy baby, I'm trading you for Hayden. I love that little girl!

Barb said...

Seriously great stuff! oooh I sooo need to start knitting again. Get on me won't you? ;)

Nicky said...

Yes, please post about the blanket! I've been trying to kick myself into starting a blanket for Kermit, before I run out of time. The blanket looks gorgeous, and hearing how it went just might give me the inspiration I need to start something myself.

Jamie said...

It sounds like it was a wonderful shower! Of course with that cake,how could you go wrong . . .

That blanket is absolutely GORGEOUS!! I am in awe of your skills!!