Sunday, October 25, 2009

Poor Baby

On Thursday, Jilliam started running a fever. Oh great, I thought to myself. With Jeramy gone, a sick baby was the last thing I wanted. Especially being pregnant with H1N1 going around. Well thankfully the fever was short lived and broke within 24 hours. However when I picked her up from my mother-in-law's, she had developed a rash. By Saturday morning she looked like puberty hit a decade early. It's not a good look, but she doesn't seem to mind.

The rash is worst on her face and in the diaper region, but she has these lovely red spots all over. I took her to the urgent care clinic, where the doctor was not particularly helpful. It could be something viral in which case it will likely pass in a few days, or it could be an allergic reaction so he has me giving her benadryl. So far the benadryl has not touch the rash, and it leaves me with a tired and grumpy Jillian (note to self, a drowsiness side effect doesn't always equal sleep). Luckily Jeramy surprised me by coming home Saturday night rather than Sunday, so he is here to listen to her cries and tantrums too.

While I was in DC a CD with Jillian's one-year pictures arrived. They turned out so great! If you live in the Seattle area, I highly recommend Keren Fenton who I found on a local message board for mom's. Here photography blog is here.


K @ ourboxofrain said...

I'm sorry she's got a rash and that it's left her grumpy :( That's no fun for anyone.

The photos are fabulous -- I especially love the one of her and Cujo and the one two below that one. Adorable!

Heather said...

GAH! The cuteness overload!! I love them - they really are GREAT photos!!!

Poor thing, it looks miserable but she seems so happy anyways. What a great kid.

Sunny said...

Oh poor baby! It couldn't be Hand Foot Mouth Disease or whatever it's called, could it? That's been going around. Whatever it is, I hope it goes away soon.

The pictures are fabulous! The one of Cujo kissing her is priceless. And I appreciate how you mixed pictures of him in with Jillian. Gotta show some love to the pooch.

I'll have to check out that woman's web site... is she fairly affordable? I loved our other woman, but with twins on the way, it's not in the budget anymore!

nancy said...

Sounds like she had Roseola. A fever and then the rash is SO typical. It'll go away soon.

(more info: )

Great pics!

Kelly said...

Poor thing! At least she doesn't seem to mind it.

Jillian's 1 year pics are great! So cute! I love that the dog was in them too:)

Larissa said...

I second what Nancy says. When Lilian got a rash on her face I did a lot of reading and Roseola starts with a short lived fever and then a rash, usually on the face. It'll just have to pass. Those are such cute photo's, she is beyond adorable.

Birdee said...

She is just the sweetist little thing. Rash and all.
I love the 1 year pics. I like how you still are sure to include your fur-baby in your pics. I think that's important.

Nicky said...

Other comments already beat me to it, but yeah, I was gonna say Roseola.

Truly wonderful photos. I can't believe how old she looks! Very cute.

Barb said...

Beautiful photos.

Jennifer said...

Oh no, that rash doens't look comfortable at all...poor baby girl! Hopefully it resolves itself quickly.

Great great shots for her 1 year...I still need to get some done with Julian (1 month late already, ugh).

chicklet said...

The pics are super cute. Hopefully she gets better soon.

PS. Great news on the heartbeat!

JamieD said...

Love, love, LOVE the pics!

jenn said...

Sorry I am so late to responding on this one! The pictures are absolutely adorable! She is such a photogenic girl!! (And Cujo's pretty cute too- difficult for a bulldog to come across so cute & cuddly!)

I'm glad her rash is doing better- poor thing! Pumpkin has that same exact sleeper though- I love to cuddle her in it- so soft!