Tuesday, October 13, 2009

1 Year Appointment and Stuff

Right after Jillian was born, I clearly recall the fear that consumed me at the prospect of taking her to the doctor (or anywhere in public for that matter). Mostly my fear revolved around whether she would cry the entire time, as she seemed to cry 20 out of 24 hours every day. Now I know that taking a newborn to the doctor is nothing compared to a one year old bursting with energy and destruction. In the past she has liked doctor visits because that meant attention which she is all about. However stranger anxiety has since set in making the whole experience so much more fun.

Jeramy had taken her to the appointment, and I arrived just after it began (thankfully after the 30 minute stay in the waiting room). When I found her she was crying quite pathetically on the scale. We then took her back to the waiting room where she proceeded to tear up the tissue sheet on the exam table piece by piece while screaming (her happy scream) as loud as possible. We tried letting her wander around, but those draws and cabinets proved far to interesting to let her stay on the ground for long. Then it came time for Dr. M's exam, which led to the unhappy screaming and was mostly performed while she was clinging to me. He deemed her a precocious child and warned us that toddler temper tantrums would develop early with this one (ummmm we noticed).

As usually she is perfectly average except for that head:
Weight: 21 lbs 5 oz
Height: 29 inches
Head circ: 19.25 inches

In other news, great advances have been made related to talking. In addition to yay, yeah, dog "dah", daddy "dada" and touchdown "tuh duh" she is finally saying something that sounds something like mama! Finally!

On the pregnancy front, 1st trimester has happily been symptom free until now. First, I've developed the itchiest boobs on the planet. Just like with Jillian I never have gotten sore boobs, just super itchy ones. Do you know of an appropriate way to itch your chest in public? I don't. It also seems that I'm developing some sciatica. It seems a bit soon for that given that this baby is about the size of a grape, but for the past few days I've had this horrible shooting pain in my lower left back/butt. It hurts like hell, and of course there isn't much I can do about it. *sigh* At least I'm not spending first tri puking my brains out. Nancy asked if I've began showing yet. No, but I'm curious to see when I'll start showing this time around. In my favor would be having two pregnancies so close together as ladies always seem to show earlier with the 2nd. Going against me is that I quite a bit of tummy leftover from being pregnant with Jillian. However, if people want to pretend that my tummy fat is a baby bump, I am not about to argue!


Sunny said...

Congratulations on the great appointment! I feel your pain on how going to the doctor has only become more difficult. Bean gets bored waiting for the doc and then throws a fit when the strange person touches him. I guess I don't blame him!

Dude, it's a baby bump. Mine flabs around too because the babies are still small, but I'm counting it, and so should you. :)

Kelly said...

I had the sciatica pain with Makenna when I wasn't that far along. It did eventually go away but seriously...what a pain in the butt!!!

Ha Ha Ha:) That's for the diaper comment;)

Larissa said...

Lilian loves the paper they put down in the exam room too, she likes to eat it. I am glad to hear the appointment went well!
Itching boobs? Huh, that's the first time I heard that.

Jennifer said...

Holy Moly! I somehow totally missed your "I'm preggo" post...I am so over-the-moon happy for you!!!

Sciatica pain is pretty normal...even this soon. My SIL had it thru her entire pregnancy (don't want to scare you though) - I have heard of it subsiding for others though (like me!).

KandiB said...

I do dread the day when Kate is no longer a willing passenger in her carrier. I know it's soon...

The whole itchy boob thing? Just scratch your neck, then people wont look because scratching your neck is perfectly acceptable. Then when they arent looking, go for broke.

Nicky said...

I had sciatica pain in first trimester, too, but it "only" lasted a week or so and then it went away. It came back for a week in second tri, then came back for a little longer in the third, but my main point is: just because you're feeling it now doesn't mean that it will be constant for months. Do those stretching exercises religiously for a few days and hopefully it will disappear soon.

Jillian's head is even bigger than LL's ginormous melon! Very impressive.

nancy said...

She's a little one, isn't she? What percentile is she in for weight?

That's funny about tearing up the paper in the exam room. Karl LOVES to do that. In fact, he'll be doing it tomorrow while I take him in for his 9 month appointment.

Start taking belly pictures! I want to SEE! Even if you don't think you are showing yet.

jenn said...

Caiden was ripping that paper up at her 6 month last week- it's cute, but frustrating! At least Jillian can ~understand~ 'no', right? ;o)

I'm glad she had a good appointment & you are doing so well overall with a symptom-less first tri!

JamieD said...

I am elbow deep in the 'scared he will cry all the time' phase. Thanks for giving me something to look forward to!!

I'm sorry about the itchy boobs, but happy that is the worst of your 1st tri symptoms!