Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Poop Galore

Now how is that for a title. It really draws you in, huh? Oh well. At least it doesn't raise any expectations for some exciting blog post.

It seems that Jillian has picked up yet another GI bug because baby diarrhea has returned. I never really thought of babies getting the runs before since prior to having Jillian baby poo and diarrhea seemed rather synonymous to me. Boy was I wrong. I simply could not have fathomed the explosive nature nor stench of baby diarrhea. Even worse this time she wakes herself up pooping at night, and once awake she is up for a couple hours. Just ask one very sleep-deprived Jeramy how much fun it was changing three horrific diapers overnight last night. Plus a rather bitchy Jen accused him of waking the baby with his TV at 10pm. How could I have known that Jillian's rear end was the true culprit. To make matters worse she has also developed the worst diaper rash ever. It looks so red and inflamed that my butt hurts just looking at it. I picked up some cloth diapers this evening, which our doctor said might help her feel better sooner.

Until the emergence of this new bug, our weekend was pretty good. I took Jillian and Cujo for a three mile walk on a nearby trail. Jillian did well but Cujo was on the verge of collapse after the first half mile or so. I almost had to put him in the stroller and carry Jillian. On Sunday morning, I looked out the window to see a deer walking through my front yard. I tried to get a picture but of course all of my cameras had dead batteries.

Jillian seems to be doing well in sleeping unswaddled. Well she was at least until this lovely bug hit.

The contractor is nearly done with their part of the master bedroom addition. Jeramy has already run some of the wiring and primered the outside. He also framed the closets. The contractor commented on how he must have framing experience because it was done so well but this is a first for him. He's just that handy :) It was a little intimidating to buy the house knowing we would need to take this on, but now I'm really looking forward to the finish product! Here are some more pictures of the progress:


Maria said...

Oh, poor Jillian and poor Jillian's bum. I can only imagine how not fun this must be for all of you.

I hope she gets well soon!!


CJ said...

Ugh, another tummy bug, yucky! Sorry for all three of you. :P I agree, when Bean was first born, I was reading those stupid "What to Expect" books, and when it listed diarrhea as a sx of something, I would always think, "Now how would I know, it always looks like diarrhea!" Guess there is a difference, huh... :/

That's awesome how fast you are getting that room done, though! I'm still impressed!

jenn said...

Man- sorry about the poop! Hope she's better really soon!

The addition is looking fantastic! Isn't it wonderful having such a handy hubby?

Barb said...

Yay for house developments!

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

I hope Jillian gets better soon! Poor little thing!!!

Kelly said...

Poor Jillian!! And Jeramy! ick!! Your title was very eye-catching!!

The addition looks great:)

Jennifer said...

Oh no, not the poop! Hope she's better very soon. Hugs.

The addition is looking great...good job!!!

KandiB said...

Poor Jillian (and you guys!).

I was thinking of you on the way into work this morning. I literally daydream about adding on a Master bed/bath. I want one soooooooo bad. Does Jeremy hire out?! BigB can do it, he just hates it, thus the endless incompleted projects around the house. Sigh.