Tuesday, April 7, 2009

6 Months...Seriously?

Can somebody tell me how the hell this happened? Wasn't I just in labor? Didn't I just get home from the hospital? Wasn't I just freaking out about the overwhelming new responsibilities of parenthood?

When did we go from this:

To this?

Jillian is sooooo much fun these days. Although she possesses the capability of going from happy go-lucky to completely pissed off in an instant, she is generally a very happy baby. She is so fun and giggly and playful and cuddly. She loves blowing raspberries and playing (especially with her dad). If I could freeze time I most certainly would.

She had her appointment today, and I was surprised by how little she had grown. She was previously in the 75-80th percentile for height and weight but was down to the 50th. Dr. M did not seem concerned and said she was probably just now finding her true growth curve. Her head remains enormous however. At 18.25" it exceeds the 100th percentile. It is a joy to find onesies that fit as everything that fits her body is rather tight on the head making for fun times when getting her dressed.

We've been crazy busy this past week. We were out of town with family over the weekend and beginning Monday the contractor began excavating for the foundation of the addition. It seems like there is always something new going on lately, which is a lot of fun (if tiring at times). As a bonus the weather has been absolutely gorgeous, which is something we probably won't see again until July. It has been refreshing as this has been one of the coldest and wettest winters I remember in Seattle (and it is always rather cold and rainy here so that is saying something!).

Anyhow I smell a poopy diaper so I'd better run. My nostrils can't hold out any longer.


Old Mom New Baby said...

Do you ever listen to that song "Dont Blink" by Kenny Chesney? Yeah, wrenches my heart being a mom and watching how fast our kids grow up.
I asked Dylan "what the hell happened", he said "You blinked". Makes me sad. I miss him already and he's not even gone from home yet. I started TTC when he was 11, he's now 14. 2 more years and he'll be driving.
Oops, this isn't about me ::blush:: I'm just relating. They do grow up fast. Too fast.

Curt said...

If only you had pictures of Jillian as a 3 month old fetus one year ago and compared that to her as a newborn - her growth would be unparalleled to what you've just observed. If she's growing up way too quickly for you, don't worry - all kids' growth slows down more and more as they grow up. Time, however, will speed on by all the same and it won't seem long before your daughter's bringing a new boy home everyday!

CJ said...

I too wish I could freeze time! We had the best day today... Bean just giggled and laughed and played, it made my heart so happy. These are the days. :)

Kelly said...

Seriously...6 months?? Are you sure?? How can that be? Jillian is so cute! She has adorable facial expressions!
What is your addition that you're adding on to the new house?

Maria said...

Time does fly!! I think six month old babies are always so cute!!!