Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Appointment Update

My 39 week appointment was this afternoon, and there has not been much change on the cervical front. It's still high and close, so we are still on track for that October baby. I find it fascinating that people keep saying "I'm sorry". I'm definitely anxious to meet Jillian, but at the same time I'm enjoying these last few quiet days around the house too. I am sure she'll be here soon later than October 13th to be sure. I am sore, swollen, and waddling, but I can certainly tolerate all of these things in the short term. Honestly, I'm more afraid about postpartum recovery, because what that is like remains an unknown to me, and I'll have a newborn to handle when dealing with that.

Speaking of the overdue prospect, I often spend some time on the WebMD pregnancy boards. Can I just ask what the deal is with all the gals being induced these days? I'm not talking about medical reasons for induction like pre-eclampsia or high blood pressure or going well past your due date, etc. I'm talking about inductions for convenience reasons. For example, I read about gals who are so uncomfortable at 38, 37 or even 36 weeks that they whine to their doctors for inductions...and sometimes doctors will do it! Or inducing because the doctor thinks the baby might be big when measurement technologies are not exactly precise. It's as if people don't realize that induction comes with risks like more difficult contractions and increased risk of c section. Also, while it might be convenient to have something planned, I feel like part of the anticipation of having a new baby is that you never know when labor will start, and I'd rather not be robbed of that excitement.

Okay, I'll step off my soap box now...

I forgot to mention in my last post that Jeramy gave me an unexpected gift...diamond earrings! When I was getting ready for Jessie's wedding on Saturday, Jeramy noticed I was wearing my hair back. When I asked if it looked okay, he commented that it would look better with earrings. Now I don't own a lot of jewelry, and I didn't really have any earrings (well pairs of earrings at least) that would go well with my dress. So when I said that, Jeramy pulled out a box with 1 carat diamond studs. I was so surprised! Of course I wore them, and I've hardly had them out since. He was going to wait to give them to me until we had the baby, but the wedding presented the perfect opportunity. Plus I'd rather not think of them as a "push present" which I'm firmly against (did you ever see that NY Times article with those demanding, selfish women?).


Cece said...

Don't even get me STARTED on the people getting inductions (and usually, not so long after, a c-section). You body knows when the baby is ready to come out! Geez. Glad you are handling the expected 'overdue date' well.

And you know - for me - the whole 'hunny I think it's time' is the one traditional baby thing that I actually get to do!

As for your 'push present'! Sweet! I told Aaron he'd better not feel pressured into something like that... but must admit I would turn it down!

Jendeis said...

Ooh, the earrings look beautiful!

Mel said...

Hello gorgeous! Love the earrings, what a WONDERFUL and thoughtful gift from your husband! I am so jealous!!

I agree with you induction. If it's not medically necessary I would do anything to avoid it.


Heather said...

Well done, Jeremy!!! (Now, can you have him call my husband and have a little chat?)

I was neither here nor there about inductions until I went home for my shower. My Aunt who is the head nurse of the labor/delivery ward of a large hospital back home and she was very firm with me about it. Like Mel said, unless it is necessary - don't do it. The baby will come when it is time.

Jewels said...

OH My Wow, those are Beautiful, I'm jealous, I want some =D
Maybe I can ask for some for Christmas.

The only thing I would feel bad about with you going over due is (In my own theory) the bigger she gets, the harder it is to heal. But I say that because Dylan was a big baby and It took so long post-partum to heal, I cried nobody warned me.

I have a feeling you're going to go from 0 to Labor in 6.5 seconds.

I also want you to know I really appreciate you updating us, I hate not knowing if someone is not blogging because they just don’t have much to say - or if they went into labor, so thanks for keeping us posted on your progress (or lack of) I'm on the edge of my seat knowing the action is about to begin any day now.

P.S I’m tagging you – It will be on my blog shortly.

Jen said...

Oooh, you are sooo fancy with your jewels!

And when she's ready, she'll make her debut!

nancy said...

Woohoo! Go J on the earrings! Yay for you!

I am TOTALLY with you on inductions. Totally.

Barb said...

Wow what a sweetie! And they're beautiful!

C said...

Beautiful earrings! That was very sweet of him, and they will be meaningful forever.

Not that I NEED meaning to my jewelry, it's still good any old time too (just in case my DH is stalking my comments)... ;)

Katie said...

I love earrings, but I never wear them =/ However, props to Jeremy for such a beautiful gift!

As for the induction thing....yeah, I would much rather let my body go when it is ready to go...BUT my doc has already started prepping me for "what if" induction talk since I'm high-risk...either for IUGR or a large baby (funny how I qualify for both, lol), and it's scary. I think as long as I make it to 37 or 38 week before that possibility takes place (if it is going to that is) I will be OK with it, but I would MUCH rather let him bake until he decides it's time to come out.

Ann said...

I am right with you on the induction issue. My SIL was induced at 39 weeks--and the only reason it was that late was something about new OB national standards that say you can't induce without medical reason before that time. The OB induced because she thought the baby was getting big, and she automatically does a c-section at 9 pounds. She said the baby was "ready," and that was good enough reason.

So of course, my brother was surprised that even though my baby has been measuring big, my doc hasn't scheduled an induction. What ever happened to actually going into labor? No matter how impatient I am, I refuse to induce unless my health or the baby's health is in danger.

JamieD said...

Beautiful earrings - Jeramy did a great job!!

After going through labor with a friend who was induced, I wouldn't recommend it. I can't imagine ASKING for it!!

Intrepidgirl said...

Good luck! It will happen soon I'm sure!