Thursday, September 11, 2008

37 week appointment

My 37 week doctor appointment went well. Admittedly, I was a little shocked by how much weight I gained in a week, but I'm guessing (and hoping) that at least some of it is water retention since I pretty much resemble the Stay-Puffed Marshmallow Man these days. Otherwise the appointment went well and everything is normal. I asked for an internal, since I'm always one to opt for more information rather than less. Not surprisingly I'm still closed tight, although Dr. C threw me a bone and said my cervix seemed softer than last week. But at this stage I'm fine with that. If I'm still not dilating two or three weeks from now, I might start getting a bit cranky.

My boss is encouraging me to work from home as much as possible, and so I'm definitely taking her up on that tomorrow and perhaps late next week as well. I've made a lot of progress this week in wrapping my projects up, so I'm hopeful that I'll be able to work just part-time during the final week before my due date. It would be nice to get the house cleaned up and finish my to do list before Jillian arrives...or I could just put my feet up and enjoy my last few moments of freedom!


K @ ourboxofrain said...

I feel your pain on the weight gain -- and it probably is water weight (that's what mine seems to be). And trust me, it sucks getting to 39+ weeks and still being closed tight. I hope you start making progress soon!

JamieD said...

It sounds like you have a wonderful boss!

Yes, putting your feet up and enjoying the quiet sounds very tempting and much more fun! (Maybe not very productive, though . . .)

C said...

That's so great that you can be flexible with your job. Those last couple of weeks got REALLY uncomfortable for me, and I was glad I could hang out at home wearing DH's sweats.

A coworker of mine worked in the office right until she went into labor. She actually wanted to stay awhile after her contractions started to finish up a few projects before she went to the hospital to deliver. Finally, our Controller made her leave and drove her to the hospital.

It was her second baby... BUT STILL!!

Jennifer said...

i saw enjoy ur final moments of freedom...the housecleaning will still be there later, but the freedom will be gone ;)

kcmarie122 said...

Hey There!

Sorry I haven't commented in so long. But I've been reading and keeping up with you!

I'm so happy your pregnancy has gone so smoothly! I can't believe you are so close to having your little girl in your arms! I still remember when you got your BFP!!!

Anyway, just wanted to let you know I was still following along even though I don't comment as much!

I hope these next few weeks pass quickly for you!!!

Nicky said...

Home with your feet up is definitely the way to go at this point. Enjoy!

Kelly said...

OMG! Can you even believe that your little baby ticker thing says 19 DAYS LEFT!!!! Holy crap!!
I'd definitely take your boss's suggestion and work/relax at home as much as possible! I'm so excited for you!!
If your new career w/ the Seahawks doesn't pan out, I'm sure the MN Vikings could use you as they suck too as of late!! You'll be a busy woman with being a mom/supemodel/football star!! tee hee

Amanda said...

I vote for enjoying your freedom (and for propping those feet up)!

So what's your boss saying? She doesn't want you going into labor at work? Haha!

Kathy V said...

I am glad your appointment went well. I remember reading when you go pregnant and now you have made it to 37 weeks. I cannot believe how it seems like all that time has passed. It is getting real close to meet your litle one. That is nice to be able to stay at home for work too. Keep your feet up and relas a little.

nancy said...

Good lord. 37 weeks! You will have Jillian home before you know it. :)

Don't worry about the weight or where it's coming from. It can all come off.

Barb said...

YAY for your boss! That's awesome!

Katie said...

Ah, weight gain. I was also surprised by how much I packed on due to water retention at the end. Wanna know the good news? It FLIES off after delivery. Really. I promise. I was down all but five pounds 10 days post-partem. The water weight just does not stick around.

And you are getting there, my dear! I am so excited for you - it's wonderful!