Monday, September 22, 2008

39 Weeks

It's amazing how quickly 39 weeks can fly by. 39 weeks ago it was Christmas Eve and the start of a new cycle using Femara for the first time. I was hopeful, but certainly not as optimistic as I had been on my earlier Clomid cycles. I think my goal at that point was to have a cycle where I ovulated on time but did not wind up with an ovarian cyst at the end of if. Instead, the new year got off to a much more wonderful start, and here I am 39 weeks pregnant.

We're starting to get inquiries from people wanting to know if the baby has arrived. So we tell them about the last doctor's appointment, my lack of progress and recommend patience as the odds are on an October baby and it could well be three weeks before Jillian arrives. People seem a bit surprised that I'm not more anxious about this delay. But really, I'm not overly uncomfortable at this point, and while we're anxious to meet our little girl a couple weeks is nothing in the grand scheme of things. What I don't want is an induction when my body isn't ready for it.

On a side note, I think my due date ticker knows something that I don't. It has always been a day off (e.g. today it says 39 weeks and 1 day even though I'm 39 weeks even). It also says 9 days to go, when my due date is only 7 days away. Perhaps it is just screwy. Or perhaps it is psychic and telling me I'll have this baby in 9 days (which would be 10/1). Who knows.

What is really hard to believe at this point is that this is my last week of work until January (well except for a little work from home I have planned). This week is shaping up to be very low key. It is mostly about tying up loose ends, and I could start leave tomorrow with no fall out. In fact, I'm only planning on working a few days this week, because there is no point in starting new projects now.

I had a very good weekend, and thanks to working half days Thursday and Friday I am feeling very refreshed this morning. The highlight of my weekend was most definitely my friend Jessie's wedding on Saturday. It was a beautiful, simple, small ceremony and reception. She patiently waited for several years for the right guy to come around, without fretting about being single or desperately dating whatever guy happened to ask. Instead, she spent time investing in her career, figuring out what she enjoys and being her own person. Then when she met the right guy quite unexpectedly everything just fell easily into place. I'm so very happy for them both.

We also got together with friends yesterday for lunch at one of my favorite pizza places. They are another couple who are both were in Jeramy and my class from high school and funny enough they are expecting their first baby (also a girl!) in October. So of course we find plenty to talk about between the joys and anxieties of becoming parents in the near future. Our discussion ranged from cankles to baby names to what our babies will look like. The boys enjoyed the beer, and the girls drove home.

That's it for now I think. Maybe I'll have more news after my next OB appointment on Wednesday.


Sunny said...

39 weeks! Wow! How often have I said this already, but time really does fly. I'm glad you aren't feeling too uncomfortable, I hope the baby gets here before you reach that point. It ain't pretty.

Speaking of reading, if you have some down time now that work is done, I suggest taking a look at "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby" by Weissbluth. It's so helpful to understand the sleep cycles and habits of babies, I will definitely use it from the beginning if we have #2, because I think it can be a great tool to prevent the sleep problems we are having now. Plus it does seem to be the only book whose methods are working with the Beanster.

RBandRC said...

Hang in there! Any day now... :)

Birdee said...

I'm just doing the Boogie Dance waiting for little Jillian to arive :D
I cant wait to see her.

Prairie Girl said...

October 3rd is a great birthday to have! ;) I speak from experience!

Any day now though!! Good luck!!

Kathy V said...

Well I am glad that all is going well with little Jillian. I think my mil (who never calls me any other time) will start calling me every hour when we get that close. I think I will have to change my phone number.

It is always nice when you can spend time with friends. hopefully your two little girls will become fast friends and playmates. Maybe they will be born on the same day!

Can't wait for an update from the ob's appointment.

George said...

I'm so glad you're doing well right now...isn't is crazy how fast this pregnancy seems to have gone by? I cannot beleive our little people will be out soon.

It's great that you'll be finishing up work this week. I'm so glad I stopped last's been a nice adjustment to having some time to myself and getting things done around here (even taking naps when I feel like it).

Yum, pizza sounds so good!

Barb said...

October babies are the best ones. ;)

Jen said...

I can't believe you are almost there! Hooray!

And I have to agree with browneyedgirl, Oct. 3 is a fabulous day for a birthday!

nancy said...

Wow. Just plain and simple - Wow. 39 weeks! :)

Hey - where is the 39 week belly picture??

jenn said...

39 weeks... holy crap where did it all go?!

October is the best month for birthdays. I am so not biased. ;o)