Tuesday, August 26, 2008

35 Weeks

Ummm, when did this happen. When did I become 35 weeks pregnant? That's like 8 months. 7/8ths of the way there. Just over a month away from actually meeting this small human that has taken up residence in my uterus. The whole thing is still just so amazing to me.

As I approach my due date, my dreams at night have become increasingly focused on my feelings of inadequacy as a parent. In these dreams I forget to feed her. Or I don't change her diapers. Or I forget her places. I definitely have not hit that wall I keep hearing of where I just must have this baby NOW! Perhaps it is because I've had such an easy pregnancy so far. But maybe it is because I realize how much easier to take care of while she is inside of me. I mean is anybody ever really ready for sleep deprivation, constant feedings and poopy diapers?

Regardless of whether I'm ready, at least the nursery is. Decorating has never been my forte. However with this room, I really had a vision for what I wanted, and overall I'm very happy with how it turned out.

I was also able to resolve the whole fender bender thing from a week ago. Luckily I am only out $600, and we were able to pay the other driver directly rather than getting my insurance involved. Although this eats into my savings efforts, I think that avoiding the potential increase in insurance premiums is well worth it. Jeramy jokingly told me that my anniversary present was a Hyaundai Sonata bumper. But despite that, I came home to find these instead.

The rest of my weekend was a little busier than I expected but good. The only real disappointment is that the Salmon fishing season appears to be a huge bust. We haven't caught anything so far, and the local fishing reports aren't at all optimistic. At least it's pretty out on the water.


Jennifer said...

the nursery looks adorable...she will be one lucky baby, even if momma forgets to feed or change her (which we all know you won't do!)!

Cece said...

Love it! And I was thinking the same thing yesterday. I was going for a walk in the woods, and was thinking that it's going to be a heck of a lot different if I was to do the same walk when the baby is here!

Jennifer said...

I love that nursery of yours! You really did a great job on it...congrats on having it completed.

I decided last week that our nursery needed a little something extra - so I got the idea to paint stripes (12" stripes) around the room. My husband completed the project for me and it looks so AWESOME...now it's perfect. I'll try to post pictures sometime too.

Sorry about the annoying dreams you're having, but just remember they're only dreams - and not anything near what reality will be like with your little one. You will be a great mommy!

Nicky said...

Nursery looks great! Congrats on being ~1 month away. Hang in there with the dreams.... :)

Jen said...

The nursery looks great!

And you are almost there! How exciting!

C said...

Great nursery! I am feeling like a bad mom, as Bean will be 6 months old very soon and he still doesn't have a nursery. But he is only in his room for diaper changes, so I don't think he cares. :)

Congrats on 35 weeks... only two more and you are FULL TERM! :O

s.e. said...

Love all the pictures! The nursery, flowers and lake...all beautiful.

Your dreams are normal and have no reflection of your potential. You are ready and you are already an amazing mother!

JamieD said...

You will be an amazing mother! How could you not with such an amazing nursery?

Barry said...

Don't worry about forgetting to feed or change Jillian - believe me, she'll let ya know! My kids still do it, but instead of crying they just yell "Dad I'm hungry" and instead of poopy diapers it's now "Dad - the toilet is clogged!". Yeah you will both be sleep deprived, but in the big scope of things it's a relatively short period. Besides, even though it's 3:30am and you are dead tired...it's still pretty cool to have them cradled in your arms, rocking them to back to sleep...until they poop one of those giant, nasty, out of the diaper and all the way up the back of their little PJ's poops. That's tough to deal with at 3:30am.