Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This and That

I enjoyed a long weekend for President's Day. On Friday, I got a day off from everything which I spent shopping and having lunch with a friend and then doing some more shopping. Of course much of my shopping time was spent at kids clothing stores buying stuff for the girls. Shopping for cute toddler clothes is downright addictive. Even when I need stuff for myself, I can't help but be drawn in to these places.

On Saturday, Jillian started a parent and tot gymnastics class. If you've read my blog for any length of time then you know exactly how much this is right up her alley. Let's just say that she loved it. I'm pretty sure she didn't stop running the entire class, and watching her with the other kids reinforced exactly how energetic she really is even for a two year old. The hard part was getting her to slow down for the circle times and sing songs with the group...it was glaringly obvious that she is not used to being in any sort of instructional type setting. She's only two, so no big deal. But I think this will be a good thing for her for that reason as well.

Overall it was a fun weekend. I can't really say relaxing...because well that word doesn't really exist in my vocabulary for the time being.

And here are a couple of the latest pictures of the girls. And yes in response to everybody's comments on recent pictures, these two are looking more and more alike.


Jamie said...

I've been looking around for a parent/tot gymnastics class for Skeeter. Not that I expect him to be a gymnast but with it being just me and him, he pretty much gets his way ALL. THE. TIME. I'd like to expose him to the concepts of sharing and waiting his turn before it's too late!

And so it goes said...

Thanks Jen for the comment about faint HPT result. It really helps knowing other people's experiences. This madness can drive a person crazy.

Your girls are SO cute. So darn CUTE!

Nicky said...

Think of it this way: Jillian's reluctance to sit in circle time shows that you're doing a fantastic job of giving her lots of free play time, which is what two-year-olds SHOULD be doing. Experts say that's a sign that she'll grow up to be more successful later in life. :)

jenn said...

I took gymnastics as a kid until I was 12. It was great! Pumpkin's been going to daycare part time for pretty much the same reasons of socialization & learning to share- especially before our 2.0 gets here.