Thursday, February 17, 2011


Just prior to everybody getting sick, my sister and I managed to get a picture of all three girls together in their cousin's t-shirts. Have you ever seen a cuter group of girls? Jillian was sooooo excited about getting to hold Lily. It is amazing how much of a difference nine months makes. Prior to Hayden's arrival she was oblivious to my pregnancy and once she was here Jillian did not seem to notice very much other than adding the word "baby" to her vocabulary. Now at nearly two and a half years old, she is enthralled with babies. She loves to watch them and hold them. Part of it is probably having had a baby sister for some time now, and part of it is probably just an increased level of awareness. She spends much of her play time now putting all her stuffed animals to obvious reflection on how Jeramy and I spend our days trying to get her and her sister to sleep I suppose!

P.S. Between my house and my sister's, little Lily was the only one who didn't get the stomach flu!


Kelly said...

What a cute picture!! I can't believe how much Hayden and Jillian look alike. I mean, I know they are sisters but Hayden is like a little (or not so little!) mini me of Jillian! I love Hayden's chubby arms:)

Jamie said...

What adorable girls!! Jillian and Hayden couldn't look more like sisters.

They are all so sweet. What a great pic!

jenn said...

How wonderful to have 3 cousins so close in age! I am 4 years younger & 3 years older than my girl cousins so I missed out on the fun times a bit growing up- either too young or to old to hang with them!
There is definitely a family resemblance too- adorable girls!