Tuesday, January 25, 2011

They Actually Exist!!!

My days are pretty predictable: wake-up, get ready, work, make dinner, kids bath/bed routine, clean house, catch a couple minutes of TV and then bed. Weekends are wake-up, get ready, clean house, chase kids, clean house, chase kids, feed kids, nap time, clean house, chase kids, dinner, kids bath/bed routine, clean house, catch a couple minutes of TV and then bed. Wednesdays I get a couple of hours of Jen time (no DH or kids) but otherwise it is work/kids/husband 24/7. Frankly it gets a little exhausting. So when the Seattle area infertility bloggers get together rolled around Saturday night, I must admit that I was pretty damn excited. Sure meeting people who you call your "friends" but have never actually met is a little intimidating. But there would be no husband or kids. And there would be cheesecake.

I must say that we had a fantastic time. I am pretty sure that if there were no other constraints, we might still be chatting each other up right now. It is really an amazing experience to meet somebody whose blog you have read for so long that you feel like you already know them having gone through together the trials of infertility then pregnancy then newborns then toddlers then another pregnancy and then two raising children. What is even more amazing is to find out they are real people and their blogs really reflect them. I spent much of our conversation thinking they totally get me.

And yes, we even got a picture:

Clockwise from lower left Sunny, Ludicrous Mama, me, Katie. Our photographer would like to remain anonymous, but I can tell you she is totally sweet and about to be pregnant when her current first IVF cycle is completed (fingers crossed!!!)

Although I don't blog much about my infertility experience these days, it is still something that is very much a part of me. It was really great to get together with a group of women who have been there and understand that as well as encourage somebody in the midst of treatments. The word on the street is that this will be a get together of some frequency...so Seattle area folks stay tuned! And those outside of Seattle, well you may just want to think of moving here soon!

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Kelly said...

What a great idea! May I say, all of your cheesecake looks FABULOUS!!