Saturday, January 22, 2011

A New Doo

When we were about 2 and 4 my little sister and I gave each other hair cuts. We are told that Jaime did a pretty good job on my hair. I on the other hand destroyed hers.

Well...what goes around comes around it seems.

The other day, Jeramy's 4 year old niece decided that Jillian wanted shorter hair.

She gave her bangs. Very short bangs.

And I'm not quite sure what she was trying to do with the side.

An emergency trip to the hairdresser was in order when I got home from work. Not really wanting to chop everything off, I went with an reverse bob, which masks the damage to the side somewhat. The front...well...we just have to wait for it to grow out I guess.


BigP's Heather said...

I'm crying I'm laughing so hard. Of course, if it was Katherine I would just be crying. I'm so sorry!!

I think you picked the best cut to help it grow out. Hopefully it will grow out soon!!

jenn said...

It is a very cute cut for her- even with the non-bang!
At least she is too young to be mortified by it at school- when I was 13 I gave myself my first haircut, while on the phone with a friend!, and ended up having to go to school the next day with hair at my chin on one side & above my ear on the other! And not in a cool retro 80's flock-of-seagulls way either!

K @ ourboxofrain said...

I have never laughed so hard, though I'm so sorry at the same time!

Like Jenn, I gave myself a terrible haircut once (one with bangs like Jillian's), at age ten -- and it took forever to grow out. I also received a terrible one from a hairdresser, at age 8, that sounds a lot like the one Jenn gave herself. At age 2, Jillian likely lacks the self-awareness to be embarrassed about it. Hooray for that!

Luiza said...

At least it's just hair, right? It will grow before you know it. And her new haircut is super cute, bang-less and all! :)

p.s. were you the first one to get the Blue mountain knitting bags? I am really enjoying mine! Thanks again!

Jamie said...

I really got a giggle out of that!

My hair was always the same length until just recently. When a good friends 5 year old daughter decided she wanted her hair to be like mine, she cut all of her bangs off to the root. Because that was the most logical answer to not having bangs anymore, right?

I hadn't thought about that in so long!

Kelly said...

Poor Jillian! It's a really cute haircut though! If only they made miracle grow for hair:)

Barb said...