Sunday, May 10, 2009

Please God, Let this be Teething

I always thought that maybe moms were just exagerrating when they described trials of teething. I think that I was wrong. Very wrong. And I only say "think" because none of those little white suckers have actually poked through yet. Please...PLEASE...let them break through soon.

Jillian is drooling up a storm. Last week she ran a fever of 102 for no apparent reason. She bites everything including her father's chest (I suspect Jeramy feels badly for breastfeeding moms of teething babies now). Sleep has been horrible. She is up constantly and the pacifier rarely solves the problem. She wants to be held and rocked. I don't think she has slept more than three hours straight in days. To top it off she also has a runny nose. Snot and drool just seem to ooze out of every oriface.

Oh and did I mention that she STILL has diarrhea? At least 6 slimey, mucousy diapers a day with at least one blow-out. I've heard of babies getting diarrhea while teething but for 3 weeks??? The doctor ran tests but did not detect anything that would explain it. So now he has put her on hypoallergenic formula to see if that helps anything. On one hand it would be awesome to get to the bottom of this. But have you seen the price of Enfamil Nutramigen??? $26 for a 16 oz can. Ugh.

Oh and it's Mother's Day. Between all of the drool and the snot and the poo, let's just say that I have a new appreciation for this holiday! Jeramy and Jillian took me to brunch this morning, which was nice. Also, my MIL watched her for a few hours yesterday so that we could take advantage of the gorgeous weather for a motorcycle ride. It had been a year since I'd been on the bike, and it felt wonderful. It has been months since we had done something fun sans baby.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. And to those ladies still in the trenches and battling infertility, I pray that the next Mother's Day will be your first.


Life in Eden said...

Congrats on the outing sans baby!

Hang in there, those teeth make it through eventually!

CJ said...

OMG, don't get me started on TEETHING! IT IS THE WORST THING IN THE WORLD!!!!! (Other than infertility and swine flu, of course.)

I wish I could take teething out back and kick the crap out of it while rap music blared in the background, like the guys did with the printer on Office Space. Ahh, that would be satisfying.

Happy very first Mother's Day!!!

Maria said...

Wow, it sounds like teething craziness!! I hope her diarrhea gets better soon.

YAY for a baby free outing!!

Nicky said...

Yes, I had no idea what kind of hell teething would be until I started experiencing it first hand. LL's been working on his top teeth for 3 fracking months. The amount of drool is unbelievable.

JamieD said...

Yikes - I'm going to remember this for future reference.

Happy Mother's Day! It sounds like it was a great one.

Intrepidgirl said...

It certainly sounds like teething, but I'm wondering if it's an ear infection too. They seem to go hand-in-hand. In fact, they can develop in a matter of hours as I recently experienced. I took the baby in at 4pm on Thursday: clear ears. THEN we had the worst night of sleep (up every 1/2 hour) and I took him back in at 10 am on Friday: ear infection in one ear!! Unbelievable!! Good luck!

Birdee said...

Yikes, that is expensive formula, I hope you can find it cheaper on e-bay or something.

Sounds like teething to me. We used to call DS "King-of-Slobbies", it was like Turner and Hooch, we needed a diaper for his mouth. I was constantly drenched down the front while holding him.
It's hard to teach a baby to slurp up their own spit. But I was sure mimicking it for him, wishing he'd do the same.

I hope you had a wonderful mothers day.

Amanda said...

I hope some teeth pop through soon and some of these symptoms go away. I know it's just no fun.

Hooray for a good ride and some "you" time!