Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I would come up with a better title for this post, but I'm just to tired to. In fact we're all tired at my house, except for maybe Jillian. Which strikes me as odd since she is the one keeping us awake at night after all. Still no teeth. Still dealing with nasty diapers (although I can deal with the diapers...it's the inexplicable diarrhea that worries me). Still drinking liquid gold. Oh and I forgot to mention we've been trying to keep a yeast infection/diaper rash at bay ever since the diarrhea started. Good times I tell you. Good times.

So since I don't have the energy for a real post, I give you pictures.

Progress on the addition. Jeramy has finished the electrical as well as insulating and drywalling the ceiling. Now he's working on the walls. He is seriously the busiest unemployed guy I know.

Touring the addition after bathtime.

Crashed out at bedtime. But she won't be asleep long, I assure you.

Enjoying a can of liquid gold. I only make bottles in 2 oz and if I'm brave 4 oz increments these days. God forbid that I waste any of this.

This scares me.


Kelly said...

The addition looks great! I love the pic of Jillian crashed at bedtime on Daddy's lap! That is so precious!

Is that last pic of her standing by herself?! EEK!! I would be scared too!

CJ said...

Those two pictures with her dad are so adorable! I'm sorry things are rough over there. But this will pass and soon you'll be catching major zzzzs in your relaxing new haven.

If you want to delay our cupcake run because you need to stay home and relax this weekend, I totally understand! Just keep me posted.

Nicky said...

I understand. Extended sleep deprivation sucks.

What are you using for the diaper rash? When we went through that, we were told to try Triple Paste, in ridiculously thick layers, and to feel free to layer one as many different creams as we wanted. We do layers of Triple Paste, Desitin, and petroleum jelly, and it usually works within a day or two. Good luck!

jenn said...

I feel ya! I don't know how Caiden seems so rested when she's not really sleeping either!
I hope it gets better for both of us really soon! (I am grateful I am not dealing with explosive diarrhea though...)

The addition looks great & she's just the cutest little girl! Watch out - she's going to be very mobile very soon!

Jen said...

We're using Lotrimen because it is yeast and not just a regular diaper rash. It does seem to work, but if she sits in a dirty diaper for even just a little while (e.g. at night and you don't realize it) then it flares up again in a bad way.

Jennifer said...

Ahhh, she loves the liquid gold "containter" - so funny!

And standing on her own...is she walking along furniture? Ohhhh boy!

Jen said...

She isn't cruising yet...just standing. She still hasn't quite gotten the foot movement thing down. I can certainly wait too!

KandiB said...

I'm still jealous! More jealous, even! Because your baby looks absolutely beautiful and happy and joyous even though she's crappin' her pants a million times a day. Whata sweetie.

chicklet said...

I give your husband total credit for all the work he's doing. I know he's unemployed right now, but still. He could just be sitting around dreading doing the addition, but instead he's doing it. Awesome.

Maria said...

Wow, how cute are the father daughter pics!! Your addition is looking great.

Barb said...

Those grins are so similar it kills me. haha. Love that photo.

And can I hire Jeramy? Sheesh do we ever need help with our projects. ugh. I'm also jealous of you living out in the country. Hub is a city boy. Our compromise is the 'burbs. Damn it all.

And thanks so much for being so kind on my blog.