Friday, May 2, 2008

Time for a Poll

I'm anxiously anticipating the BIG ultrasound next Thursday the 15th. Not only am I desperately in need of assurance regarding Spot's well being, but I am so very curious about the gender of the being which has taken up residence in my uterus. Hence, I've posted a poll in the sidebar to pass the time. You've got just a little over a week to enter your well-educated and ever informed wild ass guesses.

I've now entered week 19, and I like to start each week off by checking the Baby Center website to learn about Spot's theoretical progress. However this week, I was taken back by the way they posed their model fetus...check it out here. I don't know what surprised me more. Was it the astonishing flexibility of a contortionist being displayed? Or was it my disappointment at their decision to such a wacky diagram. I don't know.

Moving on...there are definitely some symptoms of pregnancy that I simply never expected. For example, a heightened susceptibility to allergies. I have never had problems with seasonal allergies until now. I've been getting headaches, stuffiness and this morning even a scratchy sore throat. Luckily a dose of Claritin seems to clear things up, but the allergy to pregnancy connection seems loose at best. Then I've also been having bloody noses, which is yet another thing that I've never had before. I combed through my pregnancy literature to learn how this is caused by increased blood flow, and yada, yada, yada. But still, it seems weird.

I've been making some real progress on battling one of the less bizarre side effects of pregnancy: constipation. Does anybody out there think that maybe, this is God's way of preparing us for childbirth? Well, maybe not... Anyhow, in addition to taking 100mg of Colace each day, I'm on a never-ending search to add more fiber to my diet. Suddenly I find myself reviewing nutrition labels for dietary fiber content rather than calories or fat. And during my weekly excursions to the supermarket, I've come up with 2 amazing finds:

This cereal has 10g of fiber. And it almost tastes good.

These granola bars have 9g of fiber. As a bonus these actually test really, really good. They are actually one of my favorite granola bars ever. I've only tried the Oats and Chocolate flavor.

All right. Enough of my mundane update and symptom alerts. Go vote. Pretty please.


kcmarie122 said...

Hey There!

How exciting that you will (hopefully) find out the gender soon! Do you have any gut feelings either way?

Too funny about the constipation and your search for fiber (ok, maybe not funny for you I guess!). I will have to suggest those granola bars to my husband. He has issues with that all the time and loves any granola bar with chocolate in it! Thanks for the tip!

Jewels said...

ACK, I'm so lost! I felt at first before you ever got KU that you would have a girl. But then after your BPF, I felt boy. Then reading the post, I felt "This baby is going to keep its leggs crossed" But I cant very well vote all three. So I'm going with my original answer, Girl it is.

GL with the constapation battle, I honestly cant remember if I had it with Dylan or not. I guess that's one of the small details I got to forget. :)

Laura said...

I voted boy - can't wait to hear the results of your ultrasound!

I hear you on the allergies - I can't stop sneezing.

Cece said...

I just looked at that picture on baby center - that IS weird! Huh.

As for the constipation... I'm only 10 weeks - but I have been taking a prenatal that has stool softeners... last week I started taking it as a sample. I was SO excited that it worked so well, that I had them give my a co-pay was $42!!!! Geez. But I've decided that a daily poop is worth it - lol. I've also been making bran muffin with blueberries in them... tasty and they work.

Mel said...

I vote girl!

Those Fiber One bars are DELISH, but do they EVER give me the worst gas!! So embarassing! The first time I had one I was in a real estate class all day and running late so I scarfed it down before hand and boy did I suffer that day. LOL

Yay for next Thursday! Cannot wait!!!! :)

Nicky said...

Yeah, that baby center picture cracked me up. Hubby argued that it wasn't that strange of a position, they just chose to show the baby from a stranger-than-usual angle. Still... very bizarre.

Jen said...

KCMarie - Both DH and I have an opinion as to what we think it is. But I'm not going to weigh in quite yet. I'd hate to bias the vote.

Katie said...

Also try the Fiberfull fruit bars at Trader Joes. They are really, really good. The Bits and Pieces bag is a little less spendy. Worked like a charm for me!

Jennifer said...

those fiber one bars ROCK, and by the way, it is my opinion that the constipation is indeed preparing us for childbirth.'s definitely one of the worst side effects, at least for me.

ok, gotta go vote! my big u/s is monday the 12th when i will be just over 18 wks...doc says that's not too early...sure hope she's right and hope baby cooperates cuz curiosity is KILLING me lol

Kelly said...

I'm saying a boy!

I can't believe your "big u/s" is next week!! It seems like you were just poas:) Time has really gone fast!

Kathy V said...

I notice more seasonal related allergies and such also. It is pollen season in Pittsburgh so hopefully that passes quickly. Of course I only get these things on one side of my face. It feels weird. (See the post about the accident that changed my sleeping habits to learn more.)

C said...

I vote boy! Good luck with those pregnancy sx. As much as we couldn't wait to have them, they are no fun!!

Barry said...

I voted girl - and I am ALWAYS wrong, so it'll be a boy.

Okay, so now for my fiber advice - V8. I know it tastes like crap, but chug a mere 16 oz of the stuff and tada! 10g of fiber! I have V8 for breakfast everyday, I've even aquired a taste for it. Loaded with other stuff that's good for ya too. Personally I'd rather take 30 seconds to gulp it down tan labor over a bowl of carboard.

Jennifer said...

I'm so excited to find out - I voted GIRL! As for constipation...mine is a bit better now. I tried eating apples and other high fiber snacks, including cereal. Even though it doens't taste great...prune juice works well.