Tuesday, April 15, 2008

This, That and the Other

I lack a theme for today's post, hence the title. I'll try not to ramble too much...

We got our one warm day of the spring on Saturday. It was beautiful but kind of crazy at the same time. Friday it was in the 50's, Saturday it hit 79, and then Sunday it was back to the 50's. But I managed to take full advantage of the day by doing some much needed yard work. I trimmed the grape vine for the first time in a couple of years, mowed the lawn both front and back, and weeded the flower bed out front. Jeramy helped here and there, but mostly he tried to rest up since he's been sick with yet another cold. I was feeling quite proud of myself by the time it was all done, despite the mild sunburn. My fair skin and the sunshine really do not mix without the intervention of sunscreen.

This morning I had my 16 week OB appointment. While the last four weeks haven't been all rainbows and sunshine, they did pass rather quickly. And while my nervousness about this pregnancy has decreased, it was very reassuring to hear that heartbeat again. Spot was a bit uncooperative though, and kept moving around on Dr. C. I'm sure this is only a sign of things to come. I really haven't gained much weight so far...just one pound since week 4. However, Dr. C has not said anything about it, and I should stay on the lower end of weight gain anyhow given my starting weight. I'm definitely eating, but I'm just being careful not to use pregnancy as an excuse to indulge too much. It is hard to believe that the big, gender-determining *fingers-crossed* appointment is exactly one month away.

On a completely different note, my husband has been annoying me with his proficiency at Jeopardy. Perhaps it seems strange that I would find this upsetting, but it is. Over the past 14 or so years, Jeramy and I have easily fallen into our roles. I've got the book smarts while Jeramy has the street smarts. In high school I was near the top in our class and somewhat of an overachiever. Jeramy did the minimum required and took extra classes to graduate early because he hated school. I'm a white collar worker with a graduate level education. Jeramy is blue collar and completed an apprenticeship as a Pipefitter. I like to read, write, knit, crochet, cross-stitch and enjoy the occasional intellectually stimulating conversation. Jeramy likes riding motorcycles, covering his arms in tattoos and prefers conversations that center around cars.

So I guess what upsets me and my competitive nature is that given all of this, I should be smarter than him. But apparently I'm not...at least in terms of how Jeopardy defines intelligence. Perhaps this is not really about intelligence though. I think we are both bright enough, but in very different ways. My theory is that Jeramy's smarts have two characteristics that lend themselves well to this TV game show:

1. He is quick to pick up on the hints hidden in clues

2. He has an uncanny ability to remember useless facts

So given this, Jeramy is the one who figures out that the TV show creature made to resemble Australian rabbits that breed incessantly are the Tribbles from Star Trek. He figures out that the fastest snake in Africa is the Black Mamba. He even takes a wild ass guess and proclaims that the Cleveland Indians have the largest wide-screen TV in baseball. It is just bizarre to listen to him spout off these answer after answer. I mean where does he come up with this stuff?

Well enough whining about how I fail to measure up to my husband for today.


Jendeis said...

The way that I think about it, however, is that you've figured out that you married your match. Someone who is smart and intelligent!

Nicky said...

I can't believe you mowed the lawn! That seems WAY beyond my abilities these days.

Jeopardy: I can beat my husband, hands down, in problem solving skills, etc., but remembering random trivia? He wins every time. I dismiss it with this: "Memorizing useless facts? They get monkeys to do that!" :)

jenn said...

Ha ha! I actually got that clue last night. But I am the dork that did the online jeopardy challenge. They still haven't called me to be a contestant though so I think I need a little more of that useless knowledge reatining!

Maria said...

So glad your check went well. Can't wait for this next month to fly by!!

Jeramy sounds like a wealth of totally random knowledge.

Laura said...

So glad the ultrasound went well. It still amazes me to hear the heartbeat!

My husband keeps my butt in all game shows / random trivia - something I will never admit to his face.

KatieM said...

One pound huh? That's amazing....I've already passed you =P Hmmm, maybe that isn't something I should be announcing, lol

Oh, and as for mowing the grass....are you crazy?! Haha.

Barry said...

Just when I think it's time for me to sign up to be a contestant on that show they throw out a subject like "Biblical Geography".