Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Starting to look like we have a kitchen again

A quick update on the kitchen re-modeling. Jeramy has been busy hanging cabinet doors. We have all of the doors on the window side of the kitchen up as you can see below!

While he has been doing that, I've been putting new contact paper down to line the shelves. While Jeramy made this process look easy with the first couple of shelves, it turns out that contact paper and I simply do not get along. First there is the matter of cutting it in a straight line. My "straight" lines are always curvier leaving lovely gaps around the edges. Then there is the task of peeling off the backing. When I do this the backing either rips or in my effort to get I accidentally fold the sticky sides of the contact paper together creating a horrible mess. And then once I actually get the paper down, I end up with massive air bubbles and creases. The end result is not very pretty, but luckily we've got lots of junk to stick on those shelves to cover that ugliness up.


Poltzie said...

Hey Jen,
I'm sorry that you're fighting with contact paper but I bet it looks great under your "junk".
Your kitchen looks wonderful!!

nancy said...

uh-oh. I have found your blog. Or re-found it! Now you've got a blog stalker instead of just a chart stalker.

Not much time to go read through your blog at the moment, but DAMN - the kitchen is BEAU-TI-FUL so far!!!