Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hey There Seattle Bloggers

I know you guys are all dying to meet me. And here is your opportunity!

And well if you don't want to meet me, Sunny for Sunny in Seattle and Katie from Taking the Statistical Bullet will be there, and they are way cooler and funnier than me! Hope to see you guys there!!!


Katie said...

You are SO cooler than me.


Can I just add that my word verification for this is butscrew. I am not even kidding. LOL!

That one girl said...

Blogger get togethers are the best!

Ludicrous Mama said...

I'm super excited too! My first blogger event! :) And I'll still be able to send my child to college after paying for it! (BlogHer '11 would be over $1000! Sheee-it!)