Friday, October 8, 2010

*Sigh*...She's Two

My Jillian turned two yesterday. I'm admittedly a little sad but excited all at once. It seemed like just yesterday she was this:

And now she is this:

It is hard to get a picture of her face these days as she is always on the move. Running and jumping. Saying no. Giving hugs and kisses. Greeting me in the evenings with "Hi Mama!" Biting her tongue when she concentrates like I do. Entertaining her little sister. Saying "Tank you". Putting her socks in her shoes after she takes them off. Stripping all her clothes off and jumping on the trampoline outside. Drinking out of a cup without a lid. Not eating your own food but then insisting on having a "bite" of whatever daddy or I eat. Insisting on filling Cujo's bowl with food whether he needs it or not. Reading books. Watching Elmo. Cuddling.

Life is such an adventure with you Jillian. I am privileged to be called your mom for the past two years.


BigP's Heather said...

Happy Birthday Jillian!!!

Nicky said...

Happy Happy Birthday Jillian!

Sunny said...

Happy belated birthday Jillian!! We are so excited to bounce with you tomorrow. :)

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Miss J!!! I can't believe its already been 2 yrs?!

Barb said...


Jamie said...

Wow. It just doesn't seem like two years should have passed already.

Happy Birthday, Miss Jillian!