Monday, June 28, 2010

Chunky Monkey

Hayden turned 2 months old yesterday. Yeah, you heard me right. I said months not weeks. The next thing I know she is going to be 20. It is crazy to me how the first few weeks just creep by and then suddenly time starts going at warp speed. Just about the time I decide that I start manage to keep myself busy enough to consider the virtues of being a SAHM, I will be heading back to work.

At 2 months Hayden is truly the sweetest, easiest baby ever. I kept waiting for sky to fall and the fussiness to begin, but that never happened. She rarely cries. She is sleeps easily. She was most happy to sleep in her crib rather than her pack'n'play when I decided at 3 weeks that I would rather not be awakened by strange baby noises all night long. Falling asleep is never a big production. She even tends to sleep in a 6-8 hour stretch followed by a shorter stretch which makes her mommy most happy and reasonably rested. When she is awake she is happy to just sit and watch the commotion of our household. Or she can hang out under her play gym batting at toys provided that her older sister doesn't steal them. Best of all in the past week she has started flashing the loveliest smiles and uttering the most adorable baby coos ever.

All three of us are quite taken with her. She is such a sweet baby that I almost feel guilty that she requires so little work. If she had been my first baby I would have had the most restful maternity leave possible and sworn that I would have a dozen more just like her. Of course, I had Jillian first who manages to fill any leisurely time I might have had these past few months and reminds me why two babies are plenty. Luckily her passion and enthusiasm for life remind me why colicky babies who turn into high energy toddlers are wonderful too.

We took Hayden in for her 2 month appointment this afternoon. As we suspected she is a very big girl (something that sounds much better at 2 months of age than it would in her teenaged years). According to Dr. M she earns an A for health and here are her stats:

Height: 23" (95th percentile)
Weight: 13 lbs 1 oz (95th percentile)
Head: 16" (100th percentile)

She is bigger than her sister who was closer to the 50-75th percentile range for height and weight. Despite having a large head, Jillian actually beat her there with a head circumference of 16.25". Yeah...that girls head was crazy big...still is. I can't say that I am too disappointed by having 2 c sections with these kinds of head measurements.

Now here is something that is really crazy. The other week when I was cleaning out our office/craft room, I ran across this picture of Jeramy's dad with Jeramy.

Compare that to Jeramy with Hayden.

The resemblance between Jeramy and his dad and baby Jeramy and Hayden is so striking that I wouldn't have been able to tell the difference if it weren't for the age of the photos.


Kelly said...

Yay for Hayden being so easy!! I can only hope that it will be that way for us too. (When that time comes!) She is such a cutie:)

Luv the pics of Jeramy and his dad vs Jeramy and Hayden. What a resemblance!!

Sunny said...

Ummm, yeah. I may have to cancel our playdate on Friday. Because I kinda hate you right now.

Easy baby? Humph.

Jamie said...

I love the pics of the Daddies! It is uncanny.

What exactly do you need to do to be blessed with an easy baby?!?!

Katie said...

I am hoping that I get a bit "easier" baby this time around. . . even though I love Will to pieces, he put me through the wringer for a few months and I worry about how I will handle him plus another needy newborn. I know I WILL do it, but am hoping not to have to. I have heard this is common with second babies, however, and that some people believe it is because the PARENTS are more relaxed the second time around and it helps the babies be more relaxed, too. Interesting theory.

We have a picture of M and his mom and a picture of newborn Will that truly, you cannot tell the babies apart. We have them framed side-by-side and it's a neat comparison.

jenn said...

She is so adorable & chunky! (but in the best way!) I'm glad she is so good for you- that's been a trend lately with #2 for a few of my friends- they are all around the same age too- perhaps it's the time of year?
That picture is amazing- Pumpkin looks like the hubs a lot- but not really like he did as a baby.

Nicky said...

Two months?!? Wow, time really flies when it's not your baby. :)

So glad she's easy. You're giving me hope.