Friday, May 7, 2010

Hayden's Birth Story

Nearly two weeks later, I am finally feeling human enough to turn on my laptop and write up Hayden's birth story. Granted I am doing it one handed with a newborn taking up the other arm. And it will probably be done over several days. But progress is progress, and my standards for accomplishment are low these days.

As planned, Tuesday the 27th arrived. I tried to sleep one last night with little success. I ceased eating and drinking at midnight as instructed. At 5am, my MIL arrived and we left the house full of expectation. Once at the hospital we went to triage where we discovered my blood pressure was high. Like 150-something over 100-something. It had been fine 4 days before. Urine showed no proteins. Blood work was ran and after the platelets count came back fine we moved forward with the c section.

Next up was the spinal block. I really hadn't thought much about the spinal ahead of time. Last time my epidural had been easy and effective. Unfortunately for me that was not the case with the spinal. For whatever reason I was a difficult case and the anesthesiologist had to try three times before getting it to work. The final (successful) time an electrical shock went down my leg so horrible that I cried out in pain. Poor Jeramy was sitting outside and could hear all the commotion but did not know what was going on. Luckily numbness kicked in soon after the shocks, and we were finally ready to go.

After that things moved pretty quickly. Jeramy came in. Dr. C got to work. Several minutes later Hayden entered the world screaming heartily and everybody in the room declared her to be a big girl. After she was cleaned up Jeramy brought her over for me to take a look. Lots of dark hair...more than Jillian had and darker. I think she looks a whole lot like her daddy's baby photos.

Soon afterward Dr. C told me that the blood work showed that my kidney and liver functions were impaired, which coupled with the high blood pressure indicated preeclampsia with HELLP syndrome. Considering that I had been fine when checked just days earlier, it seems that my c section was perfectly timed. Unfortunately this also meant that I had to be put on magnesium for the next twenty-four hours. Those familiar with that drug will understand exactly how much that sucked. It is a central nervous system depressant, and I have never been so horribly groggy and fuzzy in my life.

I was finally taken off of the mag by early Wednesday afternoon and began moving around. Dr. C kept me in the hospital until after office hours on Thursday to monitor my blood work. Since it was headed back to normal ranges, she released us and we got home late Thursday evening.

Hayden has been a very easy baby so far. She seems to be the opposite of her sister who from day one was very alert, did not sleep well and had tummy issues. Hayden, on the other hand, pretty much eats and sleeps. I should be enjoying this, but instead I am constantly on edge waiting for colicky behavior to set in.

Jillian has handled the transition fairly well. She picked up the word baby within an hour and usually treats Hayden with unexpected caution for an 18 month old. What has actually been tougher has been her teething. Within a couple days of arriving home Jillian developed a fever, began drooling endlessly, chewed her pacifier and became inconsolably fussy as her 4th molar started breaking through her gum. No amount of tylenol or teething tablets or orajel or ice seemed to make things better. She has seemed to be on the mend over the past few days, but will still sometimes meltdown for what appears to be teeth related reasons.

I have spent my time trying to feel normal again. Rather than tears, anxiety and a general blah feeling seems to accompany the hormonal craziness and sleep deprivation I experience after giving birth. Honestly I hate it, and I do not feel that I handle it well. Now that I am beginning to get out a little more and resume normal activities, I am finally starting to feel like I'm shaking those feelings. I think I am getting back to speed a little more quickly this time than last thankfully.

I've got lots of pictures to post, and I'll get them up as soon as I manage to get them downloaded from the camera.


Jennifer said...

Congrats again! I had issues with my epidural. After 45 min and several tries, the last try sent a "shock/pain" down one leg and I jumped. It never really worked well. I wonder if it is the same with the spinal block.

I'm glad you are coming out of the fog. Best of luck with your girls and the lack of sleep!

Sunny said...

I am so glad you posted, I've been thinking about you and meaning to write. Bummer about those problems at birth, but how lucky that the pre-e didn't develop until you were already getting your C-section. I'm so glad that you and Hayden are okay!

Larissa said...

Thanks for the post! I was wondering how you and your two girls were doing! Hayden is adorable and of course so is your Jillian. So was your anxiety a little lighter this time around? I remember with Lilian, my anxiety was through the roof and I am just hoping it's not as bad with baby#2. Hope you feel better very fast.

Jennifer said...

Oh, thanks so much for sharing her story - even if it was one-handed typing! I'm so happy for you all!!!

I vividly recall the hormonal days/weeks after giving birth to Julian...hopefully you're starting to come out of that cloud and feeling better.

Looking forward to seeing more pics.

Julie, Todd and Kate said...

Thanks for sharing your story! Jillian sounds like she's doing a great job of being a big sister! Good luck with this transition to 2 under 2...I'm nervous for it too!

Jamie said...

I am so happy your C-section was scheduled before you developed real difficulties with pre-e and HELLP.

Take your time getting back to your feet. I loved hearing from you but I completely understand the blah feelings.

HUGS to all of you!

Katie said...

Wow. I am glad you are okay, that's quite a birth story!

I remember those post-partum days and they are tough. Thinking about you and hoping you are feeling more "yourself" soon and that Hayden stays colic-free.

Kelly said...

So glad to hear about Miss H's birth! Hope you feel more normal soon! Can't wait to see the pics and hear all about having 2 babies!

Barb said...


Nicky said...

Wow, scary! Glad everything is on the mend now, and congratulations on your beautiful new baby girl!

Birdee said...

Contratulations on your new bundle. She is so adorable!