Monday, April 26, 2010

Catching Up

I've been a bad blogger until this weekend, because the past few weeks have been jammed packed. And I've been exhausted. However now that pregnancy insomnia seems to be catching up with me, I'm starting to catch up on posts. I promise that Hayden will blow this destined to be short-lived trend out of the water at 7:30am Tuesday morning.

Friday was my last day of work until July. That's right. I'm treating myself to a luxurious 3 day weekend parenting just one child before Hayden's arrival. I keep warning Jillian to enjoy this situation while she still can, but she remains unconcerned and preoccupied with comparing our belly buttons. She is talking more and understanding even more. If I say, time for a diaper she follows me to the changing table. If I say time for a bath she says "bath" and follows me to the tub. If I say stop pinching Cujo, she smirks and does it again harder. *sigh* She is turning into a little person just as we are getting a new baby.

As usual, I have found that I have a wonderful group of friends and family who are also excited to meet Hayden. A couple weekends ago, I walked into the Cheesecake Factory with Jeramy thinking we were having lunch with another couple. What I found was a group of ladies gathered to have lunch to celebrate Hayden's impending arrival. Jeramy took off, and I enjoyed the surprise lunch. It was low key, with few gifts (as I'm well set for a baby girl), and it ended with cheesecake. PB/chocolate cheesecake for me to be exact. Mmmmmm....

I've been splurging a bit lately too. Pregnancy and online shopping appear to be a dangerous combination for my checking account. I bought matching personalized big sister/little sister shirts off etsy for the girls. I decided to switch out my baby wearing devices since I think I'll be wearing Hayden more than Jillian. The Moby proved way to complicated for my level of coordination, so I bought a hotsling. Then I found a killer deal on Ergo carriers on After all that I discovered that Carhartt has a new line up of clothes for little girls. I bought Jillian the cutest coveralls and jumper plus onesies for each girl. Jillian really looks like her Daddy's girl now. Now that I'm having two girls, I find myself justifying purchases for Jillian with the fact that Hayden can use it later. A very dangerous trend.

Hayden's room has been done for months. As soon as we found out we were having another girl, Jeramy was all over the painting, furniture ordering, etc. I hadn't taken any pictures until last night though, because it was rather messy. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, especially since it was done on a rather tight budget.

This of course makes me realize that I never showed pictures of Jillian's room at our new house, which she moved into late last summer. It is basically the same design with a little darker brown on the walls than in her old room. We moved the changing table to Hayden's room to make room for toys. Jillian's room definitely looks more lived in or I guess I should say played in. When we first moved she was in the room Hayden will be in now, but after we added our master bedroom this room was created from a portion of our own bedroom. It is a good thing that we added on so soon too...otherwise we would have been short one bedroom and the kids rooms here are pretty small.

Oh and how do you like the pictures? I told Jeramy that I wanted a new camera, and well that is all it takes to get him shopping. He really could take on a career as a personal shopper. After researching online we decided on a Nikon D5000. I've spent most of my time reading the manual and Jeramy has been using it. Standard operating procedures for both of us.

Now less than 12 hours until some very much anticipated sleep deprivation.


Heather said...

Oh, I am SO excited for you, and I'll be sending lots of wishes for a safe and healthy delivery for you and Hayden! (Love that name, by the way!) Best of luck, and I can't wait to see pics!!! :)

jenn said...

Oh man- you will have another little girl in what- 3 hours!!!! So excited- can't wait to see her!

Here's to a smooth, happy & healthy delivery for all!
Pictures are great- and I totally get the justifications- at least you aren't buying ~2~ of everything! ;)

Kelly said...

Oh Jen, I'm so excited for you!!! Miss Hayden should be here by now:) Hope all goes well and can't wait to see pics:)

Love the girls' rooms! So much fun:)

Heather said...

I totally get the idea of buying stuff because TWO get to wear/use it. Makes complete sense. Go with it.

I love the two shades of green done like that - beautiful!!

Julie, Todd and Kate said...

Hope everything has gone well today! Thinking of you!