Tuesday, November 17, 2009

16 Weeks

If somebody could explain to me how it got to be mid-November 2009 I would greatly appreciate it. I can't hardly believe the date let alone that I'm 16 weeks pregnant with my second child. Pure craziness.

I had my OB appointment today, and everything went great. The heartbeat was a solid 150 bpm, and I had my second blood draw for the sequential screening (NT scan/bloodwork). Then, nonchalantly, my OB said "so are you going to get your H1N1 vaccine today" as if that were some easily obtainable thing that I could easily pick up on the street. Well it turned out that I was in luck as they received the shipment last week. So I got a quick poke and hopefully my flu immunity is complete. Jillian still needs the vaccine, but our family doctor hasn't gotten doses for children under four yet and I don't really feel that it is worth running all over town trying to find a phamacy or doctor that does.

Lately I have finally been finding time to knit again. I took a brief hiatus in August and September because thanks to 1st trimester exhaustion I found myself going to bed just as soon as we got Jillian to sleep each evening. And trying to knit while Jillian is awake is impossible. Pulling on my project and turning my ball of yarn into a tangled mess is one of her favorite activities. In the past month between Jillian sleeping better and reaching 2nd tri and taking up a new project that I'm not completely pissed off at, I have been finding a little time many evenings. Over the past few weeks, I've made good progress on this sweater for Jillian:

It is the Helena pattern from Knitty. So far it is really fun. But of course the finishing looks like it takes forever between the hemming and the placket and the usual sewing in ends and blocking. So we'll see if I'm still as enthused about the sweater in a couple weeks. I'm using Duet DeKAY yarn which is hand dyed by a gal in my knitting group. I'm pretty much falling in love with yarns from indie dyers, but that is another post entirely. The color is a bit deeper than the picture..less hot pink and more burgundy. I really enjoy the veregation in color, but it isn't so overwhelming that it detracts from the lace pattern. It is knit from the top down, which I prefer given my dislike of sewing and finishing. It is somewhat similar to the February Sweater I knit a couple years ago.

In other news Jillian discovered the job of riding on a blanket as her Daddy took her around the living room and up the hall several times. What a lucky girl to have wood floors. And what a lucky girl that she doesn't have to mop them...yet. At what age can I finally put her to work, anyhow?

I also had Jeramy take a belly picture. This is not an attractive picture at all. I must have no shame to be posting this on the internet for all to see. Here is what I looked like at about the same time with Jillian. I don't know if my belly looks bigger than last time, but I certainly look bigger overall. Not exactly what I was going for. I dragged the maternity clothes out this weekend, and I didn't like them nearly as much as I remembered. Of course everything in short sleeved since I was pregnant in the spring and summer last time. So it seems some more shopping is in my future.


Cece said...

At least you can justify buying new maternity clothes! I've been wearing the same ones for TWO YEARS. And only 2 pairs of pants are fitting now... and I totally can't justify buying more.

Looking awesome. And that sweater is super cute. I've been knitting a bunch too - but haven't posted a bit of it.

nancy said...

Yay for maternity clothes! (~wink~)

16 weeks already? Holy shit. Oh yeah, you didn't tell us until 12!!!

Nicky said...

You still have time to knit?!? I'm so jealous. I haven't touched yarn since ... yeah, since I finished a blanket for LL when I was 6 months pregnant. Beautiful work!

Sunny said...

That sweater is adorable! Can't wait to see what you're going to make for my twin boys. You did say you're making something for me, right? ;) he he he

If you need a shopping buddy, you know who to call!!!

Barb said...

Gorgeous sweater! Oh I am so jealous of your talent and dedication. I have not knitted in almost a year. :( I would really like to pick it upa gain for the soothing it brings, but I've been so busy and tired. :(

My sis said she felt bigger with the second. Don't know why.

JamieD said...

It ~would~ be too convenient if all your maternity clothes were seasonally perfect.

What a BEAUTIFUL sweater! You are so very talented!!

Anonymous said...

Came across your blog, began reading, realizing you have no clue about vaccine dangers, so the link below is a beginning for you to investigate. I have a greatgrand son 2yr who is fully autistic from his "shots". Hope this helps and all is okay for you and your babies. BTW, pregnancy is beautiful and the time a woman is the most beautiful, so have no qualms about your looks. One day you will be looking back, way back down the road and wish like me, you could do it all over again. Life is very short and the good times go before you can blink and eye. Good luck young lady.And take heed!


Jennifer said...

Look at you and your pregant belly - LOVE THE BELLY PIC!!!

And you are so darn talanted with the knitting...that dress will be adorable when you're done!!!

Birdee said...

Are you kidding? You look beautiful!
I'm still jealous I can't knit.
Wished I had a grandma who could show me how :/